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Thank you

Thank you so much for your replies, I found reading them this morning incredibly encouraging & motivational & lots of good advice which I will read & re-read when I find my Will power swaying (which I anticipate will be in a few hours!!). I'm actually a very active person (mum of 5) & we always sit down to eat together etc, I just know I have very poor eating habits (no breakfast, cakes/chocs late at night etc) & I have to break this cycle. Anyway that said I've just finished a large bowl of oats & fruit & it's been at least 12 hours since I ate a biscuit!

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Nice one Budsofmay.

So pleased to see your reply.

Slowly slowly does really work and the fact that you've already got an active lifestyle means you've already got a massive head start. (I have a desk job and drive door to door every day so working on an active lifestyle is a major hurdle for me to get over)

All the best



Thanks Ruth, yep being on maternity leave has given me the opportunity to do the school runs on foot, gardening etc however once I'm back to work (desk job) it's going to be hard. Although a friend has told me she does a power walk on her lunch hour so I could join her (although I hate going back to the office feeling sweaty Betty!! All the very best with your weight loss x


I think an exercise buddy is a great idea - though I also understand the reservations. I'm sure there's a way round it....not sure what yet but will think.... A packet of very lovely wet -wipe things in your desk drawer maybe?

I used to walk up the hill near where I work at lunch times but things have been so difficult recently - I haven;t done that for ages (Ooo my 'exercise avoidance excuse detector' has just gone off!)

Hey Ho. As of yesterday - I'm looking after a friends dog - (did I mention that? ) So at least- for the next 2 wks - I'm having to do a little walking every day. Will aim to extend it a little at the weekends. Good for me and the dog.

All the best to you too. Hope the little one is doing well and you don't have to go back to work too soon. x


After an initial success I think we all worry about losing the enthusiasm furthetr down the line. Ive been doing quite well for 3 months and have kept to a daily 1200-1400 calories ( a couple of party nights went over , but I have adjusted on other days ) and walked 3-4 hours a weelk . I have lost 15 lbs so far but now have stuck for past two weeks. Now I am worried how will I keep it up when (a) we have family vistors staying next week , ( b) the weather changes and I dont want to walk , ans (c) we go on holiday in sept ???


You really don't have to eat breakfast you know. If I eat breakfast it makes me feel far more hungry - if I don't eat breakfast I have to remind myself to eat something at lunchtime!

There's a kind of fasting called 16:8, where you don't eat anything for 16 hours and then just eat your allowed calories in the eight remaining. I'd say I usually practise about 18:6.

I lost three stone in six months on the 5:2 Diet

and I now find fasting very easy. I only fast one day a week nowadays to maintain my size 10.


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