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Stagnating and fed up!

So I've done the programme for 12 weeks, and have no intention of stopping. I realise that this is a life change and continue to plot everything on MyFitnessPal - which I love.

Up until last week I was exercising four or five times a week - a fitness DVD at home and one external fitness class - FitSteps or Spin. And two weeks ago, I started adding some strength sessions into my evenings too. Unfortunately, I tend to eat all of the additional calories that I earn through exercise!

I also have MS which can lead to sudden episodes of exhaustion.

Subsequently, the last three weeks, I have put weight ON - just a pound or less each time, but it's going in the wrong direction! Meaning that I've lost a meagre 6 pounds in about 14 weeks! I'm very unhappy!

So this week I have decided not to beat myself up with all of my cardio exercises and to just go for long walks each day. And I think I need to shake up my recipes and start cooking different things.

I'm not giving up, but I'm very fed up. Does anybody have any other suggestions for things that I can try?


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Whatever your recommended calorie intake is (1200, 1400?) keep to that and DONT eat your exercise / walking calories. For 2 months my exercise has just been walking, approx 1 hour 4 days a week and occasionally a longer walk on a sunday. As well as losing 9lbs its been great for my blood pressure (down from 130/90 to 120/75, and my legs def feel slimmer .

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Thank you elliebath, when you're right, you're right. I just have to make sure that I don't eat my exercise calories. I'm back on my cardio DVDs tomorrow (I've missed them!) Perhaps I should just drink a lot more water to stop myself from being so very hungry before and after an exercise session?


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