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Messed up

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Hi all,

I have been doing really well on the NHS 12 week plan for nearly 2 weeks. However yesterday was son’s birthday- his last ever in primary school as in September he moves to “big school”🙂

He had a few friends from his class round and being Irish I bought waaaay to much food!🙂

I got all nostalgic remembering them on the first day of P1 and feeling sad they couldn’t have all the class there as it is such a lovely class and they have missed most of P7 including their school trip which they all were looking forward to so much. My son has been blessed to be with such a great bunch of kids.

Anyway once everyone had gone that evening I had too much wine and then got peckish. I had 3 packets of crisps and a lot of chocolate and just feeling I have ruined the week! I exercised every day and was being healthy and cooking from scratch but I have totally messed up. About 1500 calories extra in one day😳😳

I weigh in tomorrow so 🤞it’s not a disaster. Just need to keep going

Thanks for listening.

18 Replies
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Don’t beat yourself up too bad. But... don’t have two bad days in a row. I can really relate to your post. Sometimes food just seems to jump in my mouth lol

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Citrus2512 in reply to Brawny77

Thanks🙂 wine is the killer for me- just goes so well with crisps. I am back on track now- previously I would have used it as an excuse to give up but this time I am determined to keep going. Thanks for replying.

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One of the (many) reasons I get really irritated with "calorie counting" is that it causes almost everyone to develop a fear of food and/or an "I'm a bad person because I ate something" mindset.

You haven't messed up. You had a birthday party. You ate some junk food. You enjoyed yourself. That's good. You only get one life, and it's too short to waste on beating yourself up over some crisps and chocolate.

I would really encourage you to research why people get fat, what can be done about it, how to get your appetite working properly again, and how to re-establish a healthy relationship with food. For reasons best known to the NHS, the 12-week plan doesn't address any of that, but the information is out there if you trawl around (and read some of the stories on here). When you get it right, it's going to feel awesome: you won't particularly want to eat three packets of crisps, but if you do, you're not going to feel guilty about it.

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Citrus2512 in reply to TheAwfulToad

Hi thanks for replying. Love the name🙂 I am sure there must be a story behind that .... I have just had a hysterectomy which means I am pain free for first time in ages so feeling really motivated to start living more helathily. Sounds silly but I hadn’t realised the pain had worn me out till it was gone- had just got used to it I guess but feel fantastic now.

You are right- a party is a good thing and today is a new day❤️

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We all mess up on occasions, it’s just one day, don’t beat yourself up about it, do what the successful people do, draw a line under it and start a fresh!😊you’d only be a failure if you didn’t start again! I’ve got these crossed for you🤞🤞🤞🤞

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Citrus2512 in reply to Flo-jo

Thanks so much for replying. I am back on track today- previously I would just have given up but this time I am determined!

Being extra good today 😉

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Flo-jo in reply to Citrus2512

Aw good to hear, well done that’s the spirit👏😊

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That's not "messed up" it's just that you temporarily forgot that your personal plan (as opposed to the NHS one plan fits all version) includes a few blow-outs for birthdays and other events. Plan them in, accept them and move on. If it makes you more determined not to overdo things on other non-event days and weeks then that's a good result.

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Citrus2512 in reply to slipstick

You are right- I am trying to be more healthy generally and we all need to celebrate sometimes.

Back on track now. Thanks for replying.

Citrus2512 profile image

Thanks for all the support everyone- it can be hard sometimes but this time I will not give up. Just starting afresh today❤️

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Hopalong12 stone

Hello Citrus, I did the 12 week plan and found it really helpful. That was two years ago now. I find the Daily Diary has been great throughout, planning diet and exercise and members all supporting each other. Have put the link for today below

Citrus2512 profile image
Citrus2512 in reply to Hopalong1

Thanks so much- still finding my way about here but it is really helpful. I am really impressed with NHS app so far. Loving the way it links with recipe and exercise apps as well. I have spent money on worse products in the past.🙂 onwards and upwards

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Carer53Host in reply to Citrus2512

I enjoyed following the NHS 12 week plan. I used the meal app and exercise plans. After 12 weeks I was impressed with how quickly the weight came off. Like you I did have the odd day off for birthdays etc. but got straight back on it. I am not following it anymore as I have reached my target but I learnt so much from it that I still follow their ideas . The biggest thing I learnt was portion control and how to use more veg in recipes. We all have to find what works for us and go with it. This forum is very supportive and you will see that we all have our own ideas of what works. I take ideas from everyone and see what works for me. Good luck X

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Celebrating and enjoying special moments with food and drink is what humans do. The danger is when we convince ourselves we deserve special moments every day. I think you did right by enjoying the day, mental health is also important.

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Citrus2512 in reply to Jack2019

Thanks Jack2019. I would normally let something like this put me off but I am back on track now. Have just been told now my son is 11 he will decide how long he is allowed on the x-box and when he goes to bed.... I sense his expectations for 11 may be a little high😂😂😂 unreasonable mummy that I am, I am making him get off to get ready for school.

Yassa profile image

Remember your life is more than your weight!

dish70 profile image

It will be fine, forgive yourself at the end if the day what's the worst that could happen 🤔 sounds like it was just the end to a lovely day.

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It is just a little blip. I'm Irish too so I know what it is like with us Irish and food but the main thing is you all had a good time at the birthday and you can pull it back again. Going by the comment you gave to Brawny77 you seem to be a determined person and that is what will help you.

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