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Hi Everyone!!!

Hi Everyone!!!

Hi There!!,

I am a new member and I just wanted to say hello, I have became a member because when I stopped smoking(Almost 5 years ago) I gained weight, Then 14 months ago I started lifting weights, Ironically I actually look the best I ever have, My biceps, triceps, shoulders and pecs are looking muscular but then from mid torso to waist I have this repulsive belly, I am having to eat extra calories to keep me gaining muscle. I just don't know what to do and this is getting me down, Any suggestions would be gratefully received!!!!, Thanks people!!!,


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Calories don't build muscle, protein does. To reduce fat you need to be in calorie deficit, to build muscle you need a high protein diet. Best bet, see a nutritionist. Failing that, keep the calories to 2000 or less, make sure the diet has lots of protein (Chicken, fish, cheese, eggs, milk...).

Just my opinion of course, but it works for me.


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