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Hi everyone! I just joined the other day and set up a myfitnesspal which is great and ive used it today..BUT...this is probably me being thick (highly likely! ),..how do you note down the name of foods you already have the calories for?..it only seems to let you put a brand in and doesn't let you type in your own food and known calorie value! ! help! x

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Hi Lizzy,

You can choose the option to put calories only, then you won't have a record of what you ate but just the calories. I do that when I've eaten something homemade or something from a recipe that gives calories per portion.

Good luck with your weight loss!



Thanks! that's great! ....still early days but I am enjoying it so far!!..good luck to you too. .how are you doing with it? ! x


Hi, when you put the brand name in you can scroll down and actually change to put in your own items, just label them as "Generic Chicken Casserole" etc and put your calories in. x


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