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best way to lose love handles

best way to lose love handles

Hi, i am new to forums like this, I usually just go to the gym and use the olyptical for an hour or more. i am about 5'7 138lbs. i am not fat but i could afford to lose some weight off my stomach/sides i was wondering what else i can do to speed up this process. I understand diet is a big part, i try to eat healthy and regularly everyday, but i am wondering what type of cardio works the best.


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If you find out let me know please. :-)

I have lost 22lb and done c25k and go to the gym & jog Scotland. My arms and legs have changed shape totally for the better as has my bottom but I still have a belly. I know I have about another 7lb to lose which will hopefully come from there but I am trying to do more abs exercises as well.

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