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Advice to lose weight for a teen?

chxlieeNew teen

I am 16, 5 foot 1 and 10 stone 7. I am overweight and am in severe need to lose weight (to improve my health and fitness as well as my self confidence) but it is hard to lose weight through dieting or calorie control as my mum makes dinners for the whole family, mainly focused on my dad who eats a lot of food and doesn’t care about putting on weight. She gets annoyed when I suggest making my own dinners, which is understandable. I was wondering what other ways there are that are guaranteed to help me lose weight or if there are solutions to my problem? Thank you :)

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Did you talk to the doctor about changing your diet and/or exercise routine?

chxlieeNew teen in reply to Activity2004

No, I’ve struggled with this for years but only recently decided to make a change, just as this quarantine happened and I’m not going to waste a doctors time at the minute :(( I’m planning on speaking to a doctor as soon as this is all over

ohsofierceRestart October 2020

Welcome to the forum, I'll quickly tag TeamAdmin so that a volunteer can pop over and give you the links to the newbie pack when they've got a spare moment :)


Hi! I am 16 also and have lost 5 stone through calorie counting.

Whilst you’ve said that you aren’t going to be able to use a calorie controlled diet - maybe it will be good if you speak to your mum and see if she can help you with it. My mum has helped me with my calorie counting diet by just saving the packets of food so I can scan (through MyFitnessPal) and then add up the calories.

**Be aware that calorie counting isn’t advised for people our age - but it worked for me and as long as you do it carefully and safely you should be fine**

Let me know if I can be of anymore help? :)

Diane21st 7lbs in reply to Hidden

The NHS site does not usually recommend that those under 18 reduce their calorie intake (all foods have a calorie value and if we consume more calories than we burn up or use, the spare get stored as fat as a reserve for us). Once you are 18 and over you can use the NHS site calculator to get a recommended calorie range suitable for you based on age, height, weight, gender, ethic background and level of exercise but if you are under 18 there is no recommended range as you're still developing.

It is more helpful usually to think about what types of foods we are eating.

What might also help is knowing that certain carbohydrates that come from refined foods (eg white bread, ordinary pasta,white rice) actually stimulate cravings and mess with our blood sugar levels so we feel hungry. Cutting out biscuits, white bread etc will then reduce cravings. You need to ensure you have a good supply of healthy foods like lots of veg and you can also eat healthy fats like cheese, eggs, full fat yoghurt. These foods make us feel full and are slower to digest so they curb feelings of hunger and make it less likely we resort to snacks

chxlieeNew teen in reply to Diane2

Thank you so much! That’s really helpful! I will have to focus more on the healthiness of the foods I’m eating rather than calorie counting :)

chxlieeNew teen in reply to Hidden

Thank you ! I’ve seen MyFitnessPal but wasn’t sure if it was actually good but I am going to have to download it ! Well done on your weight loss, that must have been difficult!

Hidden in reply to chxliee

It was hard...but for some reason it had “clicked” in my mind that I wanted to lose weight and I wasn’t happy. And it just seemed to happen! Crazy really...!

Diane21st 7lbs

Hello chxliee,welcome to the Forum. First remember there is no quick fix or pill or potion for losing weight and fasting is not for teens either. What you need is lots of fresh home made food not stuff in jars which tends to contain a lot of sugar Have a look at this....

Fresh/frozen vegetables and eggs are good as is fish and avoid sugary things.

You dont need to calorie count, look at this..

I will give you a few more guides in a minute...

Diane21st 7lbs

The important thing to focus on is eating healthy and if we do that we do lose weight if we are also doing some kind of exercise alongside. That doesn't have to mean pumping iron! Walking, going up and down stairs.m, helping in thd garden, cycling etc are all good. I totally understand this is tricky for you and your mum but if she understands that you are concerned about your weight and wanting to find ways that work for both of you maybe that'll help. Usually seeing a GP together could help but wigh thd lockdown that's tricky. Try not to fret about it but maybe having looked at the links Ive given you, have a think about what might be changes you could make. Sugar in your brew, Pepsi? Snacking on crisps? Those are things you could reduce if you use. Could you increase the veg you eat? You dont have to change everything overnight, one step at a time is fine and is more likely to become a habit you can keep up with too!..

chxlieeNew teen in reply to Diane2

Thank you so much ! These links are super helpful and thank you for taking the time to tell me all this, you seem so lovely ! I feel a lot more educated on what I need to do and how I can do it, so thank you a lot !! :)

Diane21st 7lbs

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some great info there from Diane admin for you to take a look at. Please keep in touch on here and let us know how you are getting on - you have taken the first step!

It's also about changing eating habits that I have found too.....with lockdown, it has given me more opportunity to look at what I am eating and given me time to make healthy meals and ditch the snacks, chocolates,fizzy pop...I have been losing a pound a week, it doesn't have to be a vast weight loss each week.......small steps!

Have a look at some gentle exercise you can begin with...even in your room if you don't want the family involved. Wishing you well

chxlieeNew teen in reply to Willo50

Yes I will try to keep in touch on here! You all seem so lovely and it’s given me a feeling of a lot of support and people in the same boat!

Yes, lockdown has made me think about what I am eating too ! And yes, a small weight loss is good and healthier than trying to lose large amounts very quickly

I have been exercising in my room for around 10 minutes a day on the 7minute workout app but it doesn’t particularly feel as if I’m working out but when I do the 20 minutes workout it feels too much, so hopefully it gets easier :(

Filbo222020 February

I'm at opposite end of the age "measure" , but it is good to hear from youngsters. I remember what it was like to be plied with food from "well meaning" relatives. Lots of good information given. I would just say consider the ideas of improving exercise, maybe find a fun social sport. Cycling, badminton, hill-walking or martial arts like Judo. All good sport's to make friends. Don't get too hung up with weight at your age, you may find a more active life will make worries disappear. Good luck with future endeavours and stay well.

chxlieeNew teen in reply to Filbo22

Hi ! Thank you for your message, a lot of sports I hadn’t even considered. Once this lockdown is over, I was hoping to get involved with more sports and activities at my college - there is a tennis court five minutes from my house so I will definitely join there ! And like you said, its a great way to make new friends :)

Thank you, good luck to you too

Cookie101Restart Jan 2020

G'day chxliee,

I'm only an inch taller than you and I'm more than 17stone. I didn't deal with my weight when I was your age and at 38 and a half years old, I have loads of issues with my feet and joints. It was much easier to lose weight when I was younger so I applaud you for making the decision now to look after your health.

Perhaps you can help your mother prepare the meal? She might appreciate the help, between you and your mother, you can also explore healthy swaps that you can sneak in to the meal which can also help your Dad, and you can ask to plate up your own meal. These changes can help you control the amount that your eating and would require less effort for you and your mum. Remember, don't starve yourself, stay away from the fad diets. They will not help you long term. Focus on whole foods, like fruit and vegetables. There are plenty of youtube videos that can give you ideas. I'm vegan so I am biased when it comes to animal products but if you must eat them, keep them to a minimum.

Finally, don't spend all your time thinking about it. It's not healthy, and not worth the misery that it can cause you, in the end it will shatter your confidence. To plataeu is normal, take measurements because weight is only half the story. You'll find that eating healthy will make exercise much easier so take the time to build up your fitness along with your food choices and don't be afraid of the treat from time to time. It can take a while to get into your groove, but you have plenty of time. Enjoy it!


Hi chxliee and hope you’re having a nice Easter, even though it’s a pretty strange one this year 🐥

I really like the way you are appreciative of people’s advice & tips: you sound like a lovely person.

I’m the same height as you and just under a year ago weighed over 11 stone. In that time I’ve managed to lose nearly 1.5stone (which I’m pleased about) so these are some of my tips:

try to eat smaller portions - maybe use a smaller plate at dinner time?

Reduce your carbs eg bread, potatoes, rice & pasta - if the meal is based around those foods, just eat less of them and more veg

Make sure you’re eating enough protein & healthy fats

Keep a food & exercise diary

Weigh yourself once a week only and consider using the weigh-in day system on HU

Brush your teeth after evening meal and don’t eat again until breakfast

Avoid drinking fizzy drinks, squash, juice (& alcohol) as they’re all full of sugar

It goes without saying, but avoid biscuits, sweets, toast slathered in peanut butter etc

Try to stick to your meals & avoid snacking

If possible, go for your daily hour’s exercise and immerse yourself in nature, as it’s good for the soul!

As other people have commented, this is all a journey and take it from me, quick fixes are not sustainable.

All those stupid fad diets I’ve done in the past, I just ended up piling the weight on again & more...

I like to think that over this past year, my new healthier eating habits have become a way of life so I don’t intend to return to old habits.

I do feel for you that you don’t feel you’re in total control though.

Take little steps and the journey has begun 🌈

chxliee welcome.

I know it's very hard at your age to be at all overweight, and it's concerning how many obese children and teens there are (as well as us adults). However, you are not obese so don't panic!

Can you write down everything you eat in a day and share it here? I think that might help people advise you on simple swaps that might put you back in control. It's very possible the meals your mother is cooking are fine, once you tweak what is put on your plate.

When I was a bit younger than you, a GP noticed my weight with some concern, and made the simple suggestion of eating less potatoes and bread. It was easy to do, and it worked. Potatoes and bread were my weaknesses. Looking back, there is nothing essential in either, and I guess I replaced it with more veggies and meat. It worked, and I was able to keep a healthy weight through my forties (yup, my story is very old! As am I!)

If you are 16 years old, you shouldn't be nervous about your weight. Your body is just forming. However if you worry about it, I can recommend you to eat healthy food and to do regularly workout. In the internet were are a lot of information on it, but the best way I think that is it weight loss plan[/url]. It means that you get consultation from professional nutritionists and coach. It doesn't cost too much and it really helps. On their website there are a lot of helpful info for you. Try to research it

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Vave

That is not appropriate advice for a teenager. Calorie counting is not a good way to go, and the figures you quote are arbitrary. Please be careful about what advice you give to a young person

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