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Looking for something to protect my skin

I was diagnosed with hand dermatitis last year by a Consultant Dermatologist. I had various treatments to help it and after a few months of going to see him I managed to get it under control. I now moisturise my hands as and when I need to, to control the problem.

Unfortunately my right thumb has flared up again, I still have general dry skin on my hands so just continue to moisturise as and when I need to. My right thumb however is pretty bad. I use Calmurid at night-time and then wear gloves through the night to let the cream sink in but find it almost impossible to use this cream when there are breaks in the skin. I do have a bad habit of picking or biting the skin as I can't stand it being broken or little flaps of skin catching on everything but it's starting to get quite sore at the moment. Whilst at work I use a Derma Q10 cream which I picked up at Tesco which helps a little but doesn't do a huge amount for my thumb.

I ideally would like to get a protective sock or something like that to put over my thumb once I've got cream on. The gloves I've got at home are lovely soft moisturising gloves that I bought from Amazon but I would just like to get something to wear solely on my thumb to protect it. I've even tried putting a blister patch (like Compeed) over it to heal the skin!

Can anyone help at all please? If anyone can suggest alternative creams that might help I'd be grateful for that too.

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personally id try to avoid the creams where possible try oatmeal and natural treatments in soaks for the bath, try and keep a food diary and see if anything makes it flare up, clean eating for me has made a massive difference overall, i dont eat many foods that are processed and when i do its a rareity i eat little carbs and mainly i get these from meal replacement shakes, i avoid starchy foods also and dairy overall my feelings of poor skin mental health have all massively improved but its not a quick fix its a total lifestyle choice but ive never been happier and to say my meals are boring is a massive understatement in fact my meals are pretty adventurous


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