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Am I loosing weight too quickly?

By the end of this week I'll have completed week 7 of my weight loss regime. I weighed myself today and I've losy 5lbs this week. Whilst I'm happy I've lost the weight I'm a little concerned that I might be loosing it too fast. In total so far I've lost 25lbs (1st 11lbs).

Week 1: 4lbs

Week 2: 4lbs

Week3: 5lbs

Week 4: 3lbs

Week 5: 2lbs

Week 6: 2lbs

Week 7: 5lbs

The first few weeks high weight loss I put down to me being so weighty (16st 5lb). As I know to start off with I know you can loose it quicker if you weigh more. Then it seemed to regulate itself a bit more at the week4-6 markers but now im back to 5lbs.

Could this just be a fluke as I've been at home all week and on half term and have been doing a bit more exercise than normal? I didn't want to turn into a couch potato.

Am I being a bit over cautious?

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I'd just be pleased you have lost the weight :) I've been at home all week for half term and it looks like I have put on some pounds, after losing a stone since Christmas.

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Good for you! I expect it's because you have so much to lose, that your TDEE is higher so eating less will be more beneficial for you than those that just have a stone to lose.

Enjoy it - as you get nearer your goal your weight loss will slow down.


Weight losses each week can vary, and a good loss per week, in my opinion,is around the 2lb mark. However if you are doing more exercise with it being half term then it is likely that you will lose more. See how things go over the next few weeks but keep up the exercise as well, but perhaps in moderation. When you have a lot of weight to lose regular exercise is just as important as what you eat.


Hi pinkymoo,

I would recommend you slow the process down a bit. Perhaps up your calories a bit, or ease back a bit on the exercise/activity.

A weight loss rate of about 1 to 2lbs a week (on average) - maximum about 1 kg (2.2lb) - is really what you should be aiming for. That sort of rate is safe and healthy. But most people lose weight a bit faster for the first week or two due to fluid loss and that is an average figure, your weight loss rate will very probably go up and down - most people have their blips and spurts.

That sort of rate gives your body time to adjust to the changes and gives your mind time to adjust to the new habits too.

Despite all the bunkum of the "You too can lose 35 stone in 0.15 microseconds" type of adverts, fast (i.e. rapid) weight loss is really not a good idea, especially if kept up over the longer term. I'm not talking "fasting" a day or two and then going back to an appropriate dietary regime - I'm talking about continually taking in too few calories for perhaps two or three months.

As always, remember there's more to your dietary requirements than just fats and sugars and the calories that come with them. You do need all those other things like anti-oxidants, phytochemicals, fibre, folic acid, etc., etc. for your body to function in a healthy and optimum way. And that's why the stuff like fruit, veg (esp cruciferous), fish, wholegrains and generally moving your diet towards more fresh, wholesome foods really helps.

So, however tempting it might be, don't stray into the area of Very Low Calorie Diets (unless under medical supervision to do so) as it gets pretty difficult if you eat very little to get in all the nutrients your body needs.

Hey, isn't the point of weight loss about making yourself healthier, cutting down the body fat, reducing risk of cancer, heart problems, diabetes, etc., etc? It's not about making yourself ill!

Good luck with your weight loss journey.


There's always one week in a month I lose more than the rest .. Am a bit jealous I started at the same weight and it's my week 7 & I'm down 16lbs so you should be really chuffed with yourself, keep it up :) x rosie


Hi loxleylady,

That sounds just about fine as a weight loss rate. 16 lbs over 7 weeks is pretty much spot on.

Well done and good luck with your ongoing weight loss efforts.


I wouldn't worry, as you say you've been more active this week, also I find that if I have a week off work my weightloss is higher too but that's because I don't eat as much when not at work. Instead of having breakfast and lunch I have brunch, not consciously. See how you go when your routine is back to normal and congratulations, you're doing really well.


Hello pinkymoo and loxleylady, well done on your brilliant losses so far. Im not sure whether to join Slimming World or do MFP and calorie count. What are you both doing. I just get confused with calorie counting and am never sure how many calories I should be eating each day.


Best thing is to do the BMI calculation on the NHS Choices website and that will give you a calorie amount.

Bear in mind following the 12 week plan is not a 'diet' but a way of changing your eating habits for life, and the 12 weeks gets you into the way of adjusting what & how much you eat. You have control over it rather than paying to be part of Slimming World or whatever.

Good luck with whatever route you take.


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