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Hi I am new to this I'm 24, my brother died of cancer 8 months a go and my weight has creeped up...need some help please!!

After my brother passed away my eating just got out of control and I crept on 2 1/2 stone. I've managed to lose 1/2 so far but would like to shift this stone!! I'm just always so hungry and to make matters worst bmi calculator says I'm now obese

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I lost my brother to cancer, so completely feel your pain! What really helped me at the time was a reflection on the fact that we have one life on this earth and one body.

Some things you can't control- like cancer! Some things you can control- like food choices.

Write down your motivation for losing weight, try and use positive language. For example:

" I want to be able to look good in my skinny jeans" rather than" I don't want to wear baggy clothes"

Once you have really sat down and decided that you want to do it for the right reasons, set a goal. The secret then is to take control of everything around your diet and exercise. Plan and measure meals, set mini exercise goals and the weight will come off.

You have done well losing the half, so you can do it! Good luck.


I'm so sorry for your loss.

You know hunger doesn't get worse if we ignore it - it goes in waves - and can be allayed by having a hot drink and then keeping busy. If you eat anything junk at that time it just fuels the fire and makes you more hungry.

Please watch this BBC Horizon programme, "Eat, Fast and Live Longer" vimeo.com/54089463 which is such an eye-opener and it changed my life. I lost three stone in six months and have kept it off since last April.


I'm very sorry to hear about your brother. Cancer is such a cruel disease.

Well done for losing weight so far, LadyP has given you some good advice. When it comes to losing weight, be careful not to go too low fat or you can feel hungry a lot.

I find I need to be careful not to eat many starchy foods, but fill up on a lot of different vegetables.

Good luck Shavey and take care.


Hi Angel

You've been through alot and food is a thing we all reach for when upset.

You've made a brilliant start and will definitely succeed in losing the rest! You've been given some brilliant advice to keep you going.

I found this website and it has made a big difference to my health. greenthickies.com/recipes

The smoothies are a way of getting your fruit and veg each day without having to eat boring salad or eating veg if you're not keen as you don't taste half the things in the smoothies, they just taste great and are very filling, great to take with you for dinner at work.

Good look on your journey to a new you may you have more ups than downs and remember don't worry if some weeks you don't lose too much as it is normal.

If you would like someone to be your healthy lifestyle buddy i'd be honoured to be there for you.

Take care and angel blessings xx


You may find the blood type diet helpful, it gives you foods to avoid , which benefit you, and ones that are ok,you can start and do as much or as little as you want, bear in mind the forums are for the average soul, who is doing this diet as a complete lifestyle.

Up the veg intake, less sugar than fruit, up the liquids get good herbal teas, easier and kinder than too much coffee and less boring than water. Cook yourself slim have two books to get at Amazon, prob elsewhere and the pair are about £20, great swaps, check out the diet sites without joining them, quite a lot of free info, just google.

Remember the fist size for protein, and try to eat for breakfast, peanut butter counts, just use about 1 teasp to a slice of toast, eggs are great, and not too expensive, hope these things help.


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