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Why is my weight loss so slow?

Hope someone can help....I'm 41, 5ft3 and I need to lose around 30lbs to be a healthy BMI. I'm eating the 1400 cals per day and I'm also exercising 5 or 6 times per week - this is a variety of exercise including Spin classes, running (outside and interval training on treadmill), swimming, core strength classes and body pump classes. Since 6th Jan I've only lost 3lbs of weight and am really disappointed and wondered what I was doing wrong. I took some measurements last Friday and will do so again in a few weeks. Can anyone give me any advice or should I just keep plodding along and hope that the loss speeds up? Should I eat less/more? Thanks, Mel x

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Hi Melmc

I would think you are not eating enough calories for the amount of exercise you are doing and so your body is going into starvation mode. Also is the exercise regime new? If it is, the muscle you are creating will weigh heavier.

Are you using an app or anything to count calories. I, and a lot of others on this site, find MyFitnessPal very good - it also calculates the number of calories you are burning through exercise. Personally, I would 'eat' some of these calories back, but not all of them, to make sure there was still a deficiet.

Good luck.


Examine the quality of what you are eating. It wouldn't matter how active you are if you were taking in foods that elevate your insulin levels you will find it difficult to use fat for fuel; insulin stimulates lipoprotein-lipase to promote fat storage.


I agree with the other comments, I am in a very similar position to you, I'm 41 and have 21 lbs to lose and started on the 6th Jan, I exercise 5 times a wk (3 days high impact aerobics 2 days of Pilates) and so far lost 5lbs. My fitness pal is really gd for reviewing what you eat and try weighing your food for a while. I do also believe the less you have to lose the harder it is. Good luck and don't give up.


Again I have to agree with other comments - I think it's probably a mixture of adding muscle that weighs so much more than ordinary tissue and your body going in and out of starvation mode. I think it's really hard losing 2 stone and under - partly because it tends to trickle off so slowly no-one particulalry notices and tells you how well you look. And it's all about one or two pound loss at a time for me - so again the sorts of amount that can change even if you dont do anything.


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