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Visit the HealthUnlocked office

Hello HealthUnlockers! 

We are continuously making strides to improve your experience and as part of this we looking to introduce a few new features to the website.

You’re invited to come to the HealthUnlocked office near London Bridge next week to test these new features before they are released. We’re very flexible with timing and can welcome you at anytime during normal business hours between Tuesday January 14th and Friday January 17th.

We will ask you to navigate around the website and let us know what you think. It shouldn’t take any more than 30 minutes.

 Reasonable travel expenses will, of course, be covered.

Please get in touch with us through our Contact 

Us form and select ‘Feedback’: bit.ly/1iUKf8B

Ensuring you have the best possible experience on HealthUnlocked is a priority for us so your feedback is crucial as we develop new features.

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I'd come if I lived closer :)


Same as OlsBean - would love to if I lived closer.


looks like there are access dificulties for a majority. Did anyone come in on 10th Dec?


Hi everyone,

Thank you for your response. In December we invited members to join us for an initial round of user testing in our office and it was a great success. We received some valuable, honest feedback from a variety of members of several HU communities.

Having now incorporated that feedback into a revised set of designs, would like to share them with additional members for further review.

As we are still at the initial design phase it’s unfortunately not feasible to do these types of interviews remotely. As we understand that some are unable to make the trip to London, we started building a beta version of the website based on some of the feedback we already received that will be available online and accessible remotely.

Until that beta website is finished though, our office is always open for members to give us feedback and we’re delighted to see anyone next week who is nearby and can volunteer some of time.

As always, thank you for being a part of HealthUnlocked.

Kind regards,

Amanda Floyd

Chief Product Officer



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