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Dont know really what started eating binge, feel so worthless. Had got down to 10st 3lb start weight 11st 8lb people had started to notice made nice comments then i go and ruin it all with two week binge got on scales today gained 6lb. All i can see in the mirror is one big fat blob. I went swimming yesterday morning forced myself on scales this morning trying to face up to what i have done to my body to feel motived but just feel like a waste of space. :-(

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Hi :-) Don't be so hard on yourself. So you've been on a 2 week binge, can you pinpoint what caused it? You've made the decision to face up to it, so now you can move on. I've found in the past when I had a mad binge it was because I was denying myself something (usually chocolate) so I incorporate a treat into my daily calorie allowance so I don't feel deprived. You deserve to be happy and feel good about yourself. You can do this!


Hi,just remember that everyone makes mistakes, you already acknowledge it and you want to fix it.

I myself found excuses to not eating healthy and I put back on everything I had lost and now I am ready to start over.

I knew when I started it will be difficult and as liz said sometimes we need to incorporate a treat into our daily allowance to feel better. Why don't you try that? We can do this! Best of luck


This is why it's so important to make changes for life and the changes need to be sustainable so there is no "end point" where you revert back to old ways. This is where so many people that ask for help on these forums go wrong IMHO.

Eat healthy nutritious food, this in itself over the long term should help suppress the urges to binge, control your weight with the amount of this healthy food you are eating rather than the type of food. Then when you reach your goal weight simply increase the amount for maintenance. I'm eating same types of food now during maintenance that I ate when losing. As vonnyliz said deny yourself nothing, if you want or need something, like chocolate then have it as a treat if you like but allow for it, earn it, do some additional exercise and then just as you're about to have it, give half of it away to someone else, you'll feel better for it. :)

It's not very nice but try to remember how you feel now, keep a diary or better still video diary and next time you feel you're sliding draw on it.

Good Luck :)


10. 9 is a stone less than your start weight, so well done weighing is the first step to recovery so pick your self up and dust yourself off onward and upwards, you can do it share your goal with us, what about 10.6 by the end of November?


Thanks for your messages of support, dont know what sent me off on binge cetainly not hungar always have lots of fruit /salad veggies in fridge for snacking on. Going to try having chocolate treat in evening counted in calorie allowance. Been reading postings about 5:2 plan sounds interesting. Goal will be to get back on track & back down to 10:6 by 30November, thank you xx


You should not do 5:2 if you have any sort of Binge Tendencies, there is a real danger you'll overcompensate/binge on none Fast Days.

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Totally agree with Olsbean. Do not get hungry or you are more likely to binge!

Good luck


I am a binge eater ( it's a bit like an alcoholic, admitting that you are is a big step). Up to this moment I have not had a big binge for 26 months. I follow a 1200 calorie a day regime but allow myself treats at the week-end. I know what my trigger foods are ( one of them is bread which I allow myself to eat, only at week-ends). I agree with OlsBean, 5.2 is not for the likes of us, in fact I would say the reverse is probably a better way to go, then we don't really deny ourselves anything ( have week-end treats) . At first I tended to overdo the weekends but now, because I know I can if I want to, I don't.

Next time you binge make a note of what was the first thing you ate, you will probably recognise this food as a trigger. Then you can avoid or limit it.

Good luck.

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You haven't 'ruined it all'. You fell off the wagon for a while and gained 6lbs, you're still nearly a stone lighter than you were when you started. Just climb back on and accept that you had a blip - we all do from time to time. As has been said - do NOT deny yourself things, eat them but eat them WITHIN your calorie allowance. Well done for losing...you did it and you can do it again. And I agree, the 5:2 is not for you.


Hi micky10,

Actually, I'm going to be a pretty tough on you. But perhaps not in the way you expect.

Look, it works like this. You started a weight loss programme / regime and had some initial success and then, for whatever reason, you lost the plot a bit and wobbled on it.

HELLO, this is planet Earth, you're a human being and these things happen.

Don't start stretching for the self-pity jar, just accept that your first attempt didn't work in the longer term. It DID work at first. So there's clearly something there to notice, something to work on and something to change so that your next attempt doesn't fail, isn't there?

You probably need to look at your behaviour more closely, e.g. what triggers your bingeing. And read up on ways to "manage" those situations better.

My advice is to stop eating all "treats" except for a very limited amount (I set myself a maximum of two lite Digestive biscuits a day) until you get to your target weight.

That will help to re-train you to realise that you don't actually need them. You eat them really only because you're used to eating them. It's all about habits.

Change the rubbish, sweet, creamy, fatty, high-calorie treats for better things such as fruit or veg. Distract yourself with some activity when you start feeling the first hints of temptation.

In the final analysis, getting your weight under control is a lot about getting your eating habits under control. And there's really only one person who can do that, isn't there?

You up for it?

If so, just get yourself back onto the weight loss bus. Learn from the blip and get on with your weight loss journey.

And every good luck with it.


Taking on board all your advise, thinking back what started binge was actully people noticing that i had lost some weigh stupid as that sounds. Cannot remember first food that i binged on but when cravings start i will log down to work out my trigger foods. Maybe it was self pity after the binge but at the time eating even food i dont like (finished off tin of golden syrup left over from when kids made gingerbread GROSS ) blocks out everything. This week has been so so, have not counted calories, went swimming this morning pushed myself to do 26 lenths in 35min. Will weigh in tomorrow and start counting calorie intake.

Thank you all for taking the time to reply xx


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