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Week 12 Weigh-in


Hi I just wanted to share this as I have come to the end of week 12 of the NHS 1400 calories 12 week diet. Starting weight was 13 stone with BMI of 27.69 and today's weight is exactly 11 stone with BMI of 23.44! This works out at an average weight loss of 2-3 pounds per week. I can't believe how good this diet has been for me - I have tried various diets in the past unsuccessfully incl. Atkins, Rosemary Conley etc. but this one has been so straightforward i.e. lots of fruit & veg, sensible smaller portions, sticking to 1400cals a day and exercise (I have been swimming once a week and just walking more). I feel so much better in myself, have gone from UK dress size 16 - size 12 and just feel more in control of my body. This doesn't really feel like a diet rather sensible, healthy eating and it has opened my eyes to where I was going wrong before - my portions were too big, too many carbs (especially bread!), too much sugar and not enough fibre. I still have 9 pounds to lose to reach my target weight (hopefully by Christmas). I just wanted to say to everyone that from someone who is hopelessly rubbish at sticking to diets, the NHS diet is brilliant and if I can do it then any of you can too :-)

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that is fantastic yeeeee i bet you feel great i just finished week 2 and i lost 2 kilo i started week 3 today it is so so easy and all these years wasted on stupid fad diets

Well done! This is amazing! You've put the hard work in and it's payed off :) I'm trying something similar myself so hearing this has just given me another boost to keep going! Congratulations and I hope you make you goal by Christmas x

Brilliant - well done. I am much slower as not so strict on the 1400, but know when I am I lose.

An inspiration to commitment.

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing, v motivational.

Well done you! That's great going. Good luck for your Christmas goal.

ZestHealthy BMI

Hi Dieter01,

Congratulations on your weight-loss.

Lowcal :-)

Well done. That's wonderful news. Having lost 50lbs about 10yrs ago then stupidly put it all back on. I would like to remind you that no matter how much you can't imaging putting it back on(as I thought) it really is easy to do. I went back to eating too much and changed my job where I sat in a car all day and over a few years her I am again. So well done again but be careful. Good luck for your goal for Christmas!


Congratulations a wonderful achievement - I have just finished week 1, and I feel you have inspired me to do better in week 2.

Huge Congratulations, proof if ever needed that a sensible, healthy and balanced diet really works :)

Scrit11 stone

Congratulations on your continous belief in going forward,I have not done this and have not lost ,so my journey begins again

Congratulations - that is inspiring - I am only at week 2 and struggling with the fact that my son has decided to go into fudge production in a massive way!!!! Resistance is low........

Thankyou for all the lovely comments...being on here has been really motivating and its been so nice having others in the same boat to share with along the way. You are all fantastic people xx


Brilliant!!! Well done :D I hope you don't mind me asking, could you please email me the link for the diet/exercise that you did as I need to lose weight and have tried everything, unsuccessfully? Thank you in advance.

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Hi sorry for the delay in getting back to you...here's the link nhs.uk/livewell/weight-loss... :-)

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Hi, thank you very much :)

Thank you Dieter01 for this very helpful feedback. I am on my 1st week and your comments have inspired me.

thanks again

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