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2 and 1/2 stones off

And boy do I feel good. To all those starting out I started on here stuck to the plan and once finished started again and again. I eat 1400 calories per day and walk about 8 miles and the weight has fallen off at a nice steady pace. I now love walking and get grumpy if I can t get out a few times a day. Good luck to all the newbies you can do it and change for good.

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Well done! Just think of all thoe bags of sugar GONE!


Well done :-)


Snap I have done the same for the last 8 months cut down on the food and stuck to healthy eating but gone every day for a walk at least 3 miles if I haven't time for longer just takes a hour of my day but makes for great relaxation time and I know that it loses me weight I use a smart app on my phone which tells me how far I have walked and roughly calories burnt also plug in my music and away lost 4 stones and hoping for 2 more yet before end of year keep it up its great to get out there and walk and get fitter while losing the weight all the best Micky


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