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getting back on the wagon

having taken over 2 years to lose 2 stone....( 182lbs down to 154lbs )I have put 7lbs back on since June this year....

I went to Grandsons wedding in Cyprus then had 2 weeks in England.... then back to Spain where I now live. It's very hot here so I'm hoping most of the gain is water, but I am eating out a lot too as there are many visitors at this time of year....not to mention the wine !

My daughter is here until next Tuesday so after that I will definitely be on the wagon.... as her & her partner got engaged whilst here & are planning to get wed next year in August.... when I plan to be just under 10 stone... 139lbs..... so need all the help I can get ! Wish me luck !

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hi Annie - you've done so well and I'm sure you will soon get the weight off again. Good luck :-)


thankyou... yes I have my daughter here visiting so lots of eating out.... but have to get back into gear as her boyfriend has proposed... so have a year to slim down to my goal for the wedding !


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