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Ok, so I said that I would let you know how the Insanity workout went. Wow! If this is how it is going to be for the next two months I am definitely going to be fitter and healthier. This high intensity workout left me gasping for breathe but pleased that I had stuck to it for the 40 minutes. I bought the whole package of DVDs and just did the fitness test. I know that I will not be able to keep up with the repetitions but I am putting in 100% effort and that will count for something. Shawn T says it's not how much you can do but how much you put in. Oh by the way, for all those who want to know how I felt afterwards, yes I was in pain and thought I was going to have a heart attack half way through.........lol! On a serious note though please do consult your Doctor before embarking on any vigerous exercise regime especially one as the Insanity Programme. Talk to you soon, bye!

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Hi Helcat,

But, like any exercise regime, or indeed food intake regime, as you get used to it and as the body adapts to it, it will get easier.

Good luck with your weight loss efforts.


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