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Should I get a Gastric Band? Would I get it on the NHS? Please Help??


I cant stand this weight much longer I am 20st 7lbs (My BMI is 48.7) I have tried everything i can think of to loose my weight and have been battling with my weight since i was 8 or 9. As I have PCOS i have been given Orlistat, which didn't work and was referred to a dietitian, which I was discharged from 2 years ago as they said they could help me no further!

I have tried every way of dieting I possibly can but never last long, in fact the longest i went was 6 months and lost 3 stone, but so found that i wasnt getting any further. I just dont know what to do, im so depressed and my weight is now starting to affect my work.

I would appreciate any advice possible, thanks!


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Hi stargirl_laura,

You really need to discuss serious surgical procedures such as a gastric band with your medical practitioner(s). There may be reasons why that could be inappropriate for particular individuals and, in many ways, it's not the "easy option" that some people think it will be.

Even if you do go down that path, getting control of your eating and changing your 'bad' eating habits for 'good', sensible and moderate ones would probably help you, even if only in terms of preparing you for such surgery.

However, PCOS sufferers have often have significant levels of insulin resistance, so I would suggest that that your 'diet' requirements are quite specific and that it may be well worth the effort of getting re-referred to a dietician for specific advice.

I am not at all confident that a general calorie-deficit diet would meet the specific requirements of your underlying condition.

Good luck with your weight loss efforts.


Reduced carbohydrates seems to work quite well for PCOS sufferers in general.

100g of carbohydrate, 80g of protein, 45g of oils and fats for 4 weeks and see how that goes. At your BMI you could be referred for a 6-8 week VLCD treatment (~600 calories a day) via the NHS. You'll have to eat like that with weight loss surgery anyway.


Hi Angel

I know exactly how you feel, I tried every diet there was and even dare I say it (PLEASE ANY BODY READING THIS DO NOT TRY IT ) resorted to water tablets and laxatives to rid my body of everything that passed my lips!! I was only 14 and in the middle of a very messy divorce of my parents.

At my heaviest I was 31st 8lb and I had a hernia in my stomach that went the whole length of my stomach, and I had to wear really tight swimsuits to hold it in place to stop it becoming trapped.

I begged my gp after it got trapped the third time to get a gastric band fitted and hernia fixed at same time. had gastric sleeve op 3yrs ago, as I am not active enough for the band to work. You need to live a fully active life to have the band, so once it is fitted you get full quicker and also exercise regularly to burn off what you have eaten!

I lost the feeling to the right side of my body nearly 9yrs ago and had to finish work, I have struggled all my life with my weight, but this was the last nail in the coffin, being immobile every calorie that went in my mouth just sat on my hips!!

You have to go through a strict programme before having the opportunity,

Draw a circle size of a tea plate, draw a line thru middle cutting it into 2 equal parts, then cut 1 half into 2 equal parts again.

This is the meal portions for each main meal veg is largest portion and meat and Carbs are the other two.

You can't have drink for 40mins before or after a meal so your body takes longer to process the food

Each meal must last 30mins and anything left on your plate after the 30mins throw away.

Must have 3 meals with red meat per week to help the body produce red blood cells.

If you can get used to doing this you may not need the op!

Also try researching the blood group diet, it will tell you what foods are bad for your body, what foods are a medicine for your body and what are a normal staple food you eat, it will stop you craving foods.

I'm O negative and found out I'm wheat and dairy intolerant! I've made the few changes it suggested and my psoriasis has started to clear up, my joints don't hurt as much and felt better after only a week of new meal plan (not diet) it is a plan for rest of your life.

Sorry it ended up being a biopic, I hope I haven't bored you to death, and hope something may help.

I'm a big believer in angels and I have asked them to watch over you and guide you through this hard time.

Take care Angel, I'll gladly be your buddy to support you through this if you like.


Hi stargirl

Your story is my story hun , even down to the hernia , i have lymphodema in both legs i stead of pycos.

I asked my gp to refer me for bariatric surgery about a month ago, he has applied for funding for me. And im waiting to hear the answer.

I joined a slimming club 2 1/2 years ago and have lost 4 stone which i am desperate not to regain !

Im hoping that the powers that be grant me funding for a gastric bypass , i understand its not an easy way out , but just a tool to help with weight loss , but there seems to be a lot of success stories out there . Go to your gp hun and ask , you wo t know till you do !

Good luck with your journey x


Good advice about carbs being the culprit.Try The South Beach Diet-it was written by a doctor for his diabetes and cardiac patients.It explains very simply how certain foods are affecting your blood sugar levels making you feel hungry even after a meal.I lost 5 stone 5 years ago and have kept it off.Don't go for surgery-it is dangerous and might not be effective in the long term.Lean how to control your blood sugars-I have a starch intolerance so can't eat bread,pasta,rice,potatoes,corn,cereals.People ask me-what do you eat? I have a healthy diet-fish,fruits,vegetables,cheese,eggs,nuts,dairy-it's satisfying and energizing.So don't despair-try following the south beach diet and it will become not a diet but a way of life.I found the stories of how people lost weight in the book very inspiring.good luck and good health!


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