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An endless roller coaster?

It seems to me that my lifestyle seems rather like a roller coaster in terms of how much I want to lose weight and then a strangely ambivalent attitude to it all where I think why can't I eat this cheese panini and ice cream and and and etc.

Over this past year I have lost and gained weight fairly regularly, being at top of 12.7 and a low of 10.3 (after surgery I dropped a stone in a month but mostly by over eating in and little exercise I have managed to put most of it back on).

I am getting married in 8 weeks but the most wonderful man who loves how I look and supports me whether I'm 12.7 or 10.3 but in my heart I want to know how I made a real effort to look my best and healthiest on my wedding day and for my honeymoon. So I've got a goal, and I hoped sharing it here might help me remember that this was my choice!

I'd love to hear if anyone thinks the roller coaster ends and if anyone else has foud the self in a similar position of wanting to lose weight then strangely eating more than you would when it wasn't a big focus!!! A kick into action is what I need, any firm words or advice welcome!! Thank you.

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good luck! yes I have been up and down and at the moment I am down so thats all good! I started this year to lose some weight before a holiday in march for my 50th and despite putting on during two all inclusive weeks I have lost a stone since I got back - normally I would have let my self go and would have been regaining the weight but I have little targets to go for so it was 12.7 for my girlie weekend away, now I am back I need to lose that and am looking forward to a hen weekend in August I want to be at my goal weight by then 11.10 with a 25 bmi


Thanks for the reply, So it sounds like little targets work best for you, well that's definitely something to think about. I have my dress fitting on the 8th of July so I might aim for 10.7 for then so that's a stable half a pound a week, very doable I think!


Are you using the myfitnessapp its really good makes u notice what your eating and drinking I drink lots of coffee with 2 sugars I worked it out its 20 calories a spoon ofsugar iv now changed to sweetner I was using 400 cals a day just in sugar ,

Give it a try iv notice I'm notsnacking and working out what I'm eating that day andcant afford to snack or ill be over my allowance, today I rally wanted a chocbar but didn't I'm over itnow andglad I didntbuy one when I was up theshops, dontbuy any goodies when u go shopping then u can't pick , good luck n remember your partner loves u , its u that wants to loose weight so just try yourbest o er the next few weeks, ur probably loose some weight the nearer it gets to the day too panacking lol .


Before you start drawing any plans, crunching any numbers or spending hours flicking through the agony Aunts’ personal journeys, this should be your starting block:

•I need to change my life

•It will take commitment, hard work, and many sacrifices

•I have to understand that, accept it, and come to terms with it.

If you are ok with this, the know how is all over the net.

Remember; its your own journey, your own battle.


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