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Sorry I havent been in touch... me and baby are now both at home and doing ok, thank God!

Hello beautifull ladies....Hope you and your little ones (or your bumps) are all doing well!

Sorry I havent been in touch... Just so much to take in...

So the last thing that you guys know about I had what seemed to be that my waters had broken. They had in did: my baby girl was born on saturday 1st of february. At 34+4 weeks.

We stayed in hospital for a week. She was jaudince. :(

It was horrible to have her under those lights. The feeling that you can not do anything to help your little one, its horrible!

But still, I have to be thankfull because she was next to me all the time and she did alright considering how premature she was.

I went into hospital at 4pm on saturday after my waters broke. (Even thou at that stage I didnt know what was going on and I just wanted to make sure that baby was ok!)... They were not great at triage, didnt ackowledge me....I had to insist with them that my waters had broken hours ago... My partner had to go to the upstairs floor to ask the doctor to come down as there was another couple there that had been waiting for 3 hours to be seen by a doctor. So doctor saw me, said he had the feeling I would deliver that day but he was still not getting any contractions on the monitor. By then I was feeling like mild period pains.

So they made me walk to the other side of the hospital, to the post natal ward as they thought I was going to be a while and they did not have space at delivery ward for me.

By that stage I was getting constant pain...not strong unberable... but it was constant... not like I was expecting you know with intervals...etc.

Anyway, as I reached post natal the midwive there had one look at me and said "you are in pain, arent you?" I said "yes, I am. I told them there was no point bringing me here!"

Anyway, so she organizes a porter to take me back on a wheelchair. Back to the delivery ward into a room; I just about managed to get changed and this woman comes in asking me what i want: painkillers (tablets) or injection.

I said "I dont know what I want. I just feel this pressure down there."

So she then got the doctor again. I dont know what he saw down there... all of the sudden I had about 6-8 midwives around me. And doctor is saying we will have to do a c section and baby will be on intensive care for at least a week. I was just so lost, so scared, just looked up at Nick he just told me "Its ok, its better so baby doesnt get distressed."

Anyway, they runned me to the theatre. Prepared me whatever they had to prepare then I dont know why, doctor then said "lets try vaginal." Nick said to be I got on that bed at 19.09 and by 19.31 baby was born. 4pushes it took. Luckly baby came out crying... all ok. 2.4kg.

But baby was feet first. No pain relief. No tearing.

Guess what? My placenta was stuck up high, so I then had to have an epidural and had manual removal of placenta. That took about 2 hours.

So that was my labour story.

I am so relieved now that we are home and baby is getting better. She lost weight those first days while we were in hospital. She went down to 2.2kg. But today midwive came and checked baby. she is know on 2.410-2.420kg so she has recuped some weight and she siad she is looking better. Her colour is better. Thank God for that. I have been so anxious about that. She came to see us last sunday and said by today if baby wasnt better we will have to go back to hospital. So I am so glad that she gave us the all clear and discharged me. Monday I have midwive coming around. Lets see how that goes.

In the other hand I have been really stress, actually feeling ill as my boss decides to text me yesterday basically saying he will not be paying me a penny. Bastard! After 2 years working for him. I get nothing. I feel disgusted and actually phisically ill. I dont know how we will survive.

It will now be a balancing act between getting by day by day. Making sure my little one is healthy and keeps strong. Losing the body weight...

Keep in touch people...


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Omgeeeeeeee! Bless you! Things are never straight forward are they! Fantastic news that you are home and both doing well :-) get on to tax credits etc hun and find out what benefits you are entitled to x good luck with everything xx



What an eventful birth story. Good for you though by sticking to your guns & insisting someone examine you when you know you're water's had broken ( as many midwifes & other medical professionals can be a bit rude these days)

I'm so happy to hear you're both doing well.

As for your boss he's not allowed to do this, were you working for a company directly or through an employment agency?

Obviously you would have been at work if you could but you were having a baby

" what a bastard"

Have a look at under employment tribunals as that dosent sound right to me

In the meantime you can still make your claim for child benefit & child tax credits so you'll have a bit of money to buy what you need.

Take care



What an incredible story. You sound like you've handled a tough situation amazingly, I'm so glad you're all now well and at home. Give citizens advice a call regarding the work stuff - they'll be able to tell you what your boss is legally obliged to give you and sort out your family benefit/tax credits etc. x


Have been thinking about you and wondering how things went. So pleased that you and your little one are safe and recovering! Definitely check out what can be done about work when you feel up to it - money worries are the last thing you need to add to your tough start as a family. Hope all works out well, best wishes. x


Oh my god you must have been very scared!!! Funny these days some babies can not wait to come out whilst others over stay their welcome


Geewizz, that was eventful, to say the least! Glad to hear you're both ok though :-)

Get in touch with Citizens Advice ASAP. Make some notes of what's been said by your boss. If you are employed, your boss is legally obliged to pay you. If you're self employed and work as a freelancer for him, then you will be entitled to income support of some sort, from the Government. X


Sounds very eventful but half everything is ok and baby is doing well. My company made me redundant after advising them I was pregnant (wasn't there long enough to get redundancy) however as I work the qualifying time I'm getting maternity allowance for 39 weeks from the government which helps a lot. I would get on to cab regarding employment and also go on see what ur entitled to. Good luck!


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