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12 week scan today and I am petrified

I am so scared that just writing the title to this has me in tears yet again. Such a rollercoaster at the moment after the early bleed and early scans, second which did show a fetus and heartbeat, I am a total mess.

Got my scan today and have spent the last few days worrying myself silly....have been trying not too but has taken us so long to get pregnant this time round and kind of feel its a last chance for us. I have decided against the nuchal fold testing as personally wouldn't go on to have an amnio even if I was in the high risk category so would just worry even more for the next six months. So all today is to check all looks ok, and to date me. Still have totally irrational worries....what if baby only has one arm, or no legs, or is a lot smaller than it should be, or no heartbeat?????? I know worrying wont get me anywhere and am so tired through very little sleep for last few nights that probably makes me even more irrational.

I also have my first appointment with my obstetrician which again has me worried, she is the same one I had 13 yrs ago for my first baby and then again 9 yrs ago for my third baby I asked for her and my Dr agreed even though it means I have to go to a hosp a bit further away than my closest hosp. I know she is lovely and delt with my cholestasis really well last time around but this is the first time the cholestasis has started so early on and still don't really know all the implications of early onset. Lots of questions for her still need to write a list.

Sorry for the ramble think I needed to get all that off my chest, hopefully will be able to post good news later and then this will all seem so silly. Thanks for listening xxxx

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Oh Hun its natural what ur feeling. ..I went thru the same emotions I bled for a month and then had random one day bleeds for a couple of months after u just want to get to the stage when u can feel baby move but then u panic when u don't. ... I've got the same consultant as my last 2 and she has been great. ... this is baby no 5 and now d day is approaching I'm so anxious had a panic the other night when I didn't feel him move just want him out safe and sound now.... they are our precious bundles that we nurture and look after from the day they are concieved xx


Good luck today. I hope it all goes well for you x


Thank you both, silly thing is I know how irrational I am being, and is my fourth baby you would think it would get easier but it is all so much harder this time. xxx


Good luck hun x


Scan went really has 2 arms and 2 legs and all measured fine and looked good.....such a relief maybe now I can try and start to enjoy being pregnant xxxx


Congratulations on your scan. I have not even seen my GP yet about my pregnancy, but like you, I am dreading the 12 week scan. Furthermore, I was reading a book a couple of days ago where they discussed the 20 week scan. I am sure if everything goes well in the 12 week scan, I will immediately start worrying about the next one along. Oh, well, we signed up for it!


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