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I simply don't know how to give up.

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On Monday December the 19th I go in the hospital for right knee replacement. Your prayers and good thoughts will be deeply appreciated. Some say I'm an idiot for doing this, especially most of my family due to my MS. But, I simply don't know how to give up. My knee is getting so bad that I think if I do not try to replace it within one year I will be in a wheelchair full time.

So, on Monday I venture into the world of major surgery hoping my MS does not go off the deep end totally and set me flat on my back like it did when I had the blood infection. Then praying very hard myself that I'm able to rehab my knee and gain the ability to walk on it again so I do not wind up in a nursing home. The thought of winding up in a nursing home scares me very much. Please pray for me. Fancy59.

34 Replies
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Prayers for successful surgery & recovery.

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I just said a heartfelt prayer Fancy, for you and all of us who refuse to give up! I have severe spine issues that are working together with my MS spasticity and weakness to take away my mobility. I am trying everything available to keep my ability to walk, even if it hurts like hell to do it. Keep on praying and believing!!

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Fancy59 I hope and pray that all goes ok. I also pray that the surgeons hands will be the Lords hands. I surround you with His Angels, and pray peace over you. Please let us know how you are once you are able to and I hope and pray that you are home for Christmas, many blessings Jimeka 🤗🙏💐

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Sending lots of good thoughts your way!

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🙏 I believe because of your positive attitude and determination you will do well with the surgery and rehab and be back on your feet. You got this!

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Sending (((Positive Vibes))) your way! Those of us with this MonSter must never give up! Keep on keepin on!

Hang In There! Happy Holidays & A Prosperous New Year!!! 😂🙏👍🎄🎉

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Prayers 🙏are coming your way 👍🏼 Bless you and hope your stubbornness keeps you going 👍🏼🙏😉🤗

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Sweetheartonvdayl in reply to Kenu

Kept me going too.

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praying 🙏🏼

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Will do :)

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Prayers and good thoughts are coming your way for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery and rehab. Stay positive!

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Dont be listening to him! 😡 Think positive Thoughts and about what you Can Do!

~May You Be Wrapped In The Wings Of Angel's My Friend~


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you need to be more positive to go into surgery to fix something that will help you walk better and to keep on living a good life ,,,ignore the others that say differently for they aren't living with MS...it is that we have to want to do more for as long as we can for we can do it ...others have had both done and they say it is great for they do more with out all of the pain so do it and feel very positive about getting it done for yourself to be doing more for you don't want to be in a wheel chair until you really have too i admire your strength go girl and know this is what you want and you can and will do it for you to do more with out pain ....go girl for this is for you ...yes it is for YOU....love and happiness if what it is for ...

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I also had a right knee replacement 6 months after my first back surgery ( I say 1st because I had another one-back surgery that is) i had no MS complications from said surgies. I had no choice- I was the Only one in a ♿ wheelchair for my replacement. So GO for it!!!

🙏❤Lisa 💕

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Fancy59 in reply to Sweetheartonvdayl

I pray it is so. It would make a speed of recovery and rehab So much better if MS stayed out of the way. Thanks for the positive vibes! Fancy59.

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Sending you a big hug for having the courage to start this process. If your knee is really bothering you and in pain, you'll feel probably a lot better afterward.

There's no reason for MS to act up and you should regain knee mobility.

Take care of yourself, be patient with recovery and take the pain medicine as needed.

(had my hip replaced 2 months ago and very happy with it. Had to stop DMT to get to the surgery but MS stayed at bay. no issue whatsoever. Quite the opposite, I was off work, people were taking care of me so I had no reason to stress whatsoever.)

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Hey Fancy, prayers are on the way. Glad you're reaching out. Keep up your faith. we all need somebody to lean on. 🎵

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My prayers are with you🙏🏾

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sending you well wishes 🤗

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A nursing home is featured in every one of my nightmare scenarios. I hope your knee repair goes as smoothly as possible, and that your MS goes into hibernation as you recover. May your Christmas gift this year be a return to less pain and more function in the new year!

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Praying for you 🙏🙏 when I had my hysterectomy I did have more fatigue and for longer than someone without MS (at least I think so) but otherwise it didn't cause havoc for my MS. Hopefully, once you are recovered from the surgery it will be less stress on your body because you will be able to get around better.

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praying all goes well for you and the healing brings good results.

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Good luck tomorrow! Praying that it goes well with no complications and that it heals nicely for you! Keep us updated when you feel up to it Fancy59 !

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I had a right knee replacement in 2011 at age 55 caused by midlife crisis career change to truck driving. I had zero MS issues before that time so I’ve always wondered if the knee surgery triggered it. We’ll never know. I had a very successful right hip replacement in 2018. Now, My right side is all jacked up so I haven’t been driving since April 2020. Had bad reactions to the Covid shots where I couldn’t walk for a few days. Now I need a scooter to get around. I do know there have been so many advancements with knee replacement surgery so go for it.

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My dearest 🙏, prayers are already sent and not only for you but for your family to have the spirit of discernment and understanding! My prayers of healing be sent your way and a caring team surrounding you. Be encouraged. NeeC

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Good luck

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hopefully you had successful surgery.

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Prayers and hugs sent your way.

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Definitely praying for you, my sister! I've heard wonderful things about knee replacements and pray that you are blessed with an easy surgery and recovery. Lifting you up!

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Praying right now, Fancy. Let us know how you are doing when you feel strong enough to post. Also, best wishes for your rehab afterwards.

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keeping you in my thoughts.🤗

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