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Tia Chi on Amazon for free for prime members


Anna York is a certified instructor who was recommended by the MS society has posted one of her videos on Amazon Prime to be viewed for free.

I do personally know her I take her class on Tuesday and Thursday.

Anna understands the effects that MS can have personally. She was diagnosed at the age of 19. She ended up in a reclining wheelchair to be placed in a nursing home because she lost the ability to take care of herself. She was in the nursing home for several decades before she changed her diet and began to regain control of her body.

Today Anna is walking with only a walkaid and an AFO insert in her shoe.

She has also gone to not having to take any medication.

One of the rehabilitation centers here in Chicago has had her conduct Tia Chi at their facilities for their clients

If you contact me directly I can give you her website address if you are interested in getting some of her other videos or learning more about her

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Sweet! Ty!

I'll look for her online—thanks for the heads up!

Thank you. My sister goes every Monday for Tai Chi and she really enjoys it. I would go with her but it’s the 45 minute drive to get there, so being able to do it in the home, I will give it a try. Blessings Jimeka 🦋 🌈

erash in reply to jimeka

I take a class every tuesday. Great! For balance!


That's great rjoneslaw thanks!🤗💕


Thanks. I just found it.

I am going to try it. Thanks😀


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