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When People Don't Know What to Say???


I'm excited everyone, and disappointed all at the same time! I just returned from Cancun Mexico celebrating my best friend of forty five years 60th birthday. Yes, twenty females "girls trip" leaving stress, baggage,MS and some of us rounds of completed Chemo behind! My goof ball of a room mate says to me while waiting to board the plane; " I didn't wanna text you about this cuz if may have been insensitive, so what should I look for????? Seriously, as in looking for signs of "me foaming at the mouth" or maybe I still don't know what I'm looking for??. I enjoyed myself and met a group of new amazing ladies.

Smart people are often some of the most clueless - (in need of lots prayer).


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Pleased that you had a good time, and thanks for sharing, you prove there is life with ms. Blessings Jimeka 🦋

stepsforNeeC in reply to jimeka

Thanks my friend; peace and good vibes to you!

I'm so glad you had a great trip!

Don't worry NeeC, we're Praying with& for ya too🙏🙏🎁💝💗Glad u had a great trip. Welcome back, we missed ya!💗🎁🐾🐾Blessings--Jazzy🌹💜

Thanks..my friend

Wow best friend. Girls trip. Cancun. The beach. That's amazing. MS symptoms didn't have a choice but to lay low. Prayers and and blessings for continual celebrations for you😀🙏🙏😀

stepsforNeeC in reply to Guava69

Peace and sending those positive vibes back at ya my friend!

Warming my heart!

Much Love NeeC

It must really be nice to have friends and get to travel. I guess God’s plan for me was much less fun and plenty of solitude.

Hi, Tracey I pray God has an amazing overflow of blessings and abundance good days for you and I as this year is quickly whining down. Often times what we think God has planned for us wasn't His plan; we may have questioned Him and who hasn't! I realized energy that's healthy for us through this MS journey works by staying as positive as we can; and it's not always easy! Trust and believe, when you've had so many infusion treatments in the past that hospital staff started to think you were staff (need I say more). Tracey just sharing and expressing my thoughts and feelings here, is healthy for me, pray you realize you have friends here who care. You are not Alone!