Hi, all, and a special welcome to the newbies! Well, as much as I have been an avid proponent of equine therapy, I hope this doesn't scare anyone off because it usually only happens to experienced riders who do stupid and careless things. I was riding out in the mountain trails right before Halloween, by myself, and I was trying to find an adjoining trail so that I could go in a different direction, and somehow, Stormy and I crashed into a tree. A huge branch knocked me straight out of the saddle and although I instinctively rolled up to take the fall, I still fell onto rocks and managed to break my L-1 vertebra. Stormy went up to the main trail and waited for me, but I still had to hike up the small trail to the main trail, and a mountain biker was coming around the bend just as I got there. Luckily, my cell phone had coverage and I called the barn. They immediately called 911 (as did the mountain biker) and sent someone to take Stormy back. The EMTs came and put me on a gurney with all-terrain tires for the trip back up the trail to the ambulance! One of the guys said they have the all-terrain tires because they're out on the trails at least 5 times per day for "hikers, bikers and horseback riders." I spent 3 days in the hospital and have been recovering at home with a brace. Just saw the dr. and he said it's healing nicely and I have to go back mid-January. But no riding for 3-4 months, and I am crushed! DON'T LET THIS DETER YOU FROM EQUINE THERAPY! I broke several cardinal rules: 1) don't ever trail ride alone; 2) pay attention to what's around you; and 3) trust your horse; if he doesn't want to go somewhere, there's a problem and you should listen. I still recognize that without riding I would not be walking--there is no better exercise to strengthen your core, your arms, and most of all, your legs. JUST DON'T BE CARELESS OR DO STUPID THINGS AS I DID!


Good to be back!


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  • Happy to hear you are okay after all of that Sukie427. That must have been frightening and painful. I suppose there was a tiny bit of frustration (with yourself) too.

    I don't ride, but great advice. Take care and let yourself heal. I'm sorry it'll be a while before you ride again. But you will! 💕

  • Yes, I will. And thanks for your good wishes, Tutu. Hope you are doing OK.

  • I wondered where you were, good to hear you are ok and I hope you are back in the saddle soon, blessings Jimeka

  • Thanks, Jimeka. The doc says I can't ride for 3-4 months but we'll see. That sounds too long to me! Hope you're doing ok! Hugs, Sukie

  • Glad u r recovering Sukie427

    You r likely an accomplished rider and undoubtedly accidents can happen no matter how cautious we are. I'm glad u r not deterred from getting back to riding. What a sense of freedom that must be!

  • Hi, Erash. I have been riding horses since I was 7 yrs old and I used to show hunter jumpers back in the day. But as I am sure you know, the better you get at something the more lax you get, too. I was very lucky that it wasn't worse. Hope you are doing well !

  • Sukie427 as a past rider myself, I know the rules also, and like you, broke them numerous times. I'm am soooo sorry that you got hurt. On the flip side, it could have been much worse.

    We have missed you around here! Was wondering what happened to your cheerful face. I'm happy to hear your on the mend tho.

    Welcome back my friend ~ hugs ~

  • Thanks for the kind words, Jesmed! I'very missed my online community but I was not in any shape to be using a computer. You are right that it could have been so much worse! Do you still do any riding? Stay well, hugs...and no more breaking rules! Actually, the funniest thing about it all was the tiny all-terrain tires on the gurney! I 'd never seen or heard of such a thing!

  • Sukie427 oh how I wish l could ride now. :'( But I don't take any chances with my back. I freak break was enough, and l have 3 slipped disks that just need to stay where they are :)

    I know our town has all terrain emergency vehicles because of all the woods and stupid hunters ( that shoot themselves ) around but have to say, never seen a gurney like that. Kind of picturing you on that, :D lm sure you were not a happy camper lol

    Keep resting and getting better ♡

    Ps lm known for breaking the rules. lol I personally like beating the odds better tho!

  • Sukie427, I am glad you are healing well. What a scary experience.

    I want to do equine therapy soooo badly. But my insurance won't cover it and I can't afford $75 a pop. My neuro even recommended it.

  • That's insane. I don't know where you live, but you might try checking on the Internet to see if there are any programs with sliding scale rates or run by prisoners. Some states have actually started programs where prisoners learn equine care and equine therapy just as some learn dog care and how to train service dogs. You might try calling your state 's Dept of Health; they might be able to point you in the right direction. Best of luck!

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