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COVID Vaccine can cause infection...speaking from experience


I sent the following message to my nurse this morning:

“Hi Laura,

I’m pretty sure the Phizer Covid Vaccine can cause infection. I have not heard of that possible side effect being reported yet. I had my booster shot yesterday and I’m experiencing the same symptoms as when I came to you a few weeks ago (swollen armpit lymph nodes, congestion)after my first shot. I had the booster on the opposite arm which was my left this time. My armpit lymph nodes are tender on both arms today, more on my left side. Not swollen yet though. 98 temp, stuffy/runny nose. The injection site is swollen, normal. I have some antibiotics left over. Should I start those because they cleared the infection last time?”

I’ll use the comments section of this thread to let you all know what she says.

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😳wow hope you heal quickly 🙏🤞😉🤗🤗👍 Ken 🐾🐾🐾🐾

tiffortat in reply to Kenu

Thanks Kenu! 🤗🙏🏾🤞🏾

This wouldn't surprise me at all.I've read some stories about adverse reactions.

I hope you start to feel better soon.

tiffortat in reply to falalalala

Thanks falalalala!

Hope you feel better soon

tiffortat in reply to mm1527mm

Thanks mm1527mm!


What exactly is the infection they are treating with the antibiotics tiffortat ? Did they say? I had my 1st Pfizer on Saturday. Finally felt better lest night!I hope you feel better soon!🤗💕🌠

tiffortat in reply to Jesmcd2

They have no idea @Jesmd2 . I even went to Minute Clinic and they confirmed infection last time. No specific one, but viral. Only in my armpits though-deep ones that can’t possibly be caused by deodorant irritation. I know how that feels. This is way different. I asked for doxycycline after the first shot, because it’s worked for my swollen lymph nodes in the past. Here was her response to the message I sent this morning:

“I would give it some time about a week. The vaccine mounts an immune reaction causing symptoms similar to the infection but symptoms are viral...”🤔

Well...I don’t want to feel like trash all week so doxy it is! 😌 Research shows that antibiotics should have no affect on Covid 19 vaccine effectiveness. I don’t like going against doctors orders but in this case, I feel it’s warranted.

tiffortat in reply to tiffortat

I’m torn though...I don’t want to mess up a process that my body needs to happen. Too bad things are so new and practitioners don’t really know how to advise on this...

Frances_B in reply to tiffortat

It's probably best to take the nurse's advice and wait and see. Some people are getting reactions to the vaccines, with a worse one for the second dose. At least it means that your body is having a response to the vaccine.

If you were told last time that it was a viral infection then taking antibiotics wouldn't have made any difference as antibiotics do not treat viral infections. Taking them this time for no clearly identified reasons other than you want to because you have swollen lymph nodes is not the best idea, and if it was a viral problem last time it would have gone away by itself without you taking the antibiotics. Random use of antibiotics like this without good reason is what's contributing to strains of superbugs developing for which there are no drug treatments, and doxycycline is one of the drugs to which bacteria are developing resistance.

Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

tiffortat in reply to Frances_B

I appreciate your feedback Frances_B. The point is that antibiotics did in fact clear up that infection. I was fine for 2 days after my first shot. Then on day 3, things got drastically worse and more concerning symptoms came like sore throat that began to swell. The minute clinic tested me for strep and confirmed that I should be on antibiotics, but strep test was negative. You had me until the last part about being a part of the solution and not part of the problem. The fact that I’m getting this vaccine means I’m part of the solution along with everyone else who’s having symptoms that doctors and nurses are puzzled by. Those of us who’ve taken the full dose of the vaccine are all in the same boat. Let’s look at it that way. I literally feared for my life when I was at the minute clinic after my first shot. The nurse even told me to get a Covid test to rule out Covid. It was negative. We have to remember that everyone’s situation is different. We’re all just guinea pigs right now anyway with this vaccine. The truth is that Kassidi Kurill and others have died being a part of the solution.

We have the same goal: stay alive. I could go through a list of times I’ve had to go against a healthcare professional’s advice(hated having to do it) and it became the best course of action. I could also add to that the apologies that came from some of these healthcare professionals because they dropped the ball on something important concerning my well being. At the end of the day, we’re only human. 💙

BettysMom in reply to tiffortat

You are frighteningly uninformed. You do not know what you are talking about. The vaccines do not cause any infection, viral or bacterial. Enlarged lymph nodes are a well documented and frequent reaction to the Covid vaccines. It is a REACTION, not an infection. The Minute Clinic gave you antibiotics because that is what you wanted, not what you needed. And yes, by taking antibiotics incorrectly and when they are not needed, you are definitely part of the problem and not part of the solution.

tiffortat in reply to BettysMom

Oh wow, BettysMom. That was intense....wait...aHA! April Fool’s right??? Sheesh...😅You almost got me there!😅

BettysMom in reply to tiffortat

I am absolutely serious and I'm sure you know it. You are just looking for a reason to continue being ignorant. I am an M.D., a licensed physician, and I know what I am talking about.

Frances_B in reply to tiffortat

tiffortat - I think you are getting "cause and effect" and coincidence a bit mixed up. The point is that you were told by the medical staff the first time that the tests came back negative for bacteria. Antibiotics only work with bacterial infections, so antibiotics did not clear up what could perhaps have been a viral infection but was far more likely to have been an entirely normal vaccine reaction. All the antibiotics would have done would be to knock off some of the good bacteria in your gut.

The time frames of two and three days that you are referring to are those that fit with your body mounting a reaction to the vaccine, and your body is doing exactly what it is supposed to do in order to provide you with immunity, and the timing of the antibiotics you took is purely coincidental with the infection "clearing up". If you had an infection and it was viral (as the medical staff told you it was) it would have cleared up even if you had only taken jellybabies or chocolate as "medicine". You will find this article explains the vaccine reactions and relevant time frames quite clearly.

As far as having a COVID test goes - the standard advice across most of the world is that if someone has symptoms which could be COVID then they should get tested - unfortunately, the level of cooperation with this advice is somewhat varied, especially amongst those who are still convinced that COVID is a hoax engineered to allow the world's population to be controlled!!!

Unfortunately my comment about being "part of the solution and not part of the problem" has been misread. I was referring to indiscriminate use of antibiotics without good reason - using them when there is no sound medical reason to do so contributes to the rise of superbugs and drug resistant bacteria.

In relation to "We’re all just guinea pigs right now anyway with this vaccine. The truth is that Kassidi Kurill and others have died being a part of the solution" - this is not correct. The vaccines were tested on hundreds of thousands of people before being given to what is now 100's of millions of the general population worldwide. The truth is that it is inevitable that there will be some coincidental deaths where people do die after getting vaccinated, but until there is solid evidence as to the cause/s of their deaths it is not wise or sensible to blame it on the vaccines - people are not dying by being "part of the COVID solution". Many more people will actually die from bacterial infections where there are no drugs that work because of indiscriminate use of antibiotics has allowed superbugs to develop than will die from being given a COVID vaccine.

Yes, I agree that all too often patients have to challenge some health care professionals in order to get appropriate care/treatment, and I have done this myself on occasions. In this instance though, the knowledge base tips in favour of well established expert opinions in relation to not using antibiotics where there is no clear requirement for them (did you read the article on the link I posted in my earlier comment?). Unfortunately, many health professionals don't have the time or energy to argue with patients who insist on being given antibiotics when they don't need them (and some patients get abusive if they don't get a script) so the docs give in rather than stand their ground. The perception that if you go to the doctor they give you some pills and all will be fine is still much too widespread.

Finally, congratulations on getting your vaccinations, in that matter you are definitely being part of the COVID solution :)

I hope you feel better soon! My lymph nodes blew up and hurt for half a day, and I found alieve and lots of water to be helpful.

tiffortat in reply to kdali

Thanks kdali! I’m glad your discomfort was short lived.

Hope you'll feel better quickly. This is no fun, but ask your doctor for advice before you take anything.

Thanks for that wisdom anaishunter!

An infection and a reaction are too very different processes. As your body creates the things it needs to fight the plague, depending on your body’s immune response” you could have slight or major symptoms. Swollen lymph nodes is normal in this process because they are the highway system that carries the newly created anti-virals through the body. The nodes are where the tubes that come from the tips of your toes or fingers bunch up before entering the core. If you had an infection, your white blood cell count would be high. 98 degrees is normal. Antibiotics do nothing to a virus.

If you did not finish an entire regimen of antibiotics previously prescribed, please stop doing that. When they say 10 days, do 10 days. In the first few days you kill off the weak bacteria. There are more of these in the system and you feel better. What is left in your body are the stronger bacteria cells. These are less impacted by current meds. They may be spread, in the variety of ways bacteria spread between people. Now they are not killed by the same antibiotic that was used before. Soon we have antibiotic resistant strains and no cures. Taking the whole dose kills the weaker and stronger bacteria.

With MS your immune system is overactive, not lacking. You may feel ill after 2 nd dose. It tells you that the body is working to integrate and build the things it needs to prevent a full blown case. Viruses also mutate. Next year, early cases will be tested, just like the flu shot, to see which variety exists.

Thank you for your feedback Lazy_dog_lover!

Praying you feel better soon. God bless🙏🏾

tiffortat in reply to JSSimp

Thank you JSSimp!

JSSimp in reply to tiffortat

You’re welcome!

so sorry for you,i talked to a dr.with an auto immune disease,after the 1st shot his arm blew up like a balloon so he chose not to get the second.when you think about it there are millions of people getting the covid vaccine,and there are a possibliity of millions of side effects,hope you feel better.i drug doesn't fit all people!

Thank you Pam!


🤗🤗 tiffortat how are you feeling today? I hope better!!! Please remember that if you're worried about anything medical, you should get ahold of your health care team! They know you best!! ☺️🤗💕🌠

tiffortat in reply to Jesmcd2

Thank you for asking Jesmcd2. Yesterday was tough. I’m feeling better today. 🤗😇🙃💕

Jesmcd2CommunityAmbassador in reply to tiffortat

I'm so glad!!! I'm sure alot of ppl are jiggery about the vaccine and all the side effects. What is, what isn't..?.. I about had a panic attack when I was supposed to get the 1st one. Then they told me I didn't qualify 😂 have to say it didn't break my heart! This one, was no prob! 🤗💕🌠

Thank you all for your feedback! I’ll no longer be responding to this thread. Feel free to browse the comments to reference the knowledge and experiences that were shared. 🤗

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