Info update Shingrix (shingles vaccine)

Per webinar just attended:

90-97% effective for at least 4 yrs. (may need a booster but is more efficacious than Zostavax)

Approved > 50yrs. Old

Not yet approved for immunocompromised (so not for those on immunosuppressing DMTs)

Yes, give if you've had shingles or you've had the prior shingles vaccine (Zostavax )

2 shots and 17% experience shot site pain and General achiiness X up to 2 days

Will post more if I remember...

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  • I have a question is it a live vaccine because I believe if you are on Ocrevus you can’t have any live vaccines.

  • I was told by the ms clinic that I go to that a non-live vaccine for shingles is ok.

    I had the shingles last year.

    Haven't gotten the vaccine yet, but should 🙈🙉🙊

  • Not live

  • Thank you for the information. My mom had shingles while she was struggling with cancer It’s not a good thing to have

  • ssdw1958... MS patients are not supposed to get any of the live vaccines particularly if you are on any of the immunmodulating DMT's.

    Ocrevus specifically kills off your B cells so vaccines are much less effective, if at all, so need to be carefully timed. There is a study underway to test the effectiveness of "killed" vaccines on patients with Ocrevus.

  • Shingrix is Not live

    Zostavax is

  • Yeah...but with Ocrevus killing off the B cells, no one has a definitive answer about whether or not getting a 'not live' vaccine is going to work to provide immunity. I talked to my neuro about this because I don't understand why its unknown since there are other drugs available with the same B cell mechanism.

    That's why I was disappointed that I didn't know this in time to get Shingrix before I started Ocrevus.

  • Raingrrl true! And not yet approved for immune suppressed people

  • erash My husband just had the old shingles vaccine in July. Did they say how long you need to wait before getting the new one?

  • Iona60 the speakers (cdc md and pharmacist) said no wait needed?

  • I’m on Aibiago and my neuro said to get new vaccine, shingrix as it was not live. Went to pharmacy and was told getting it in January, would be two shots two months apart. He stated info he received it was 91 percent effective verios the old at 51 percent. The pharmacist said he has been telling everyone for the last month to wait for new one. He said insurance only pays for shingles shots once. So I’ll wait till the new one comes in.😉 Ken

  • Efficacy is dependent on age, 91% if older

    They are doing studies but haven't yet approved for those with it mmune compromise or on immune suppressing drugs

    Can I ask Kenu if you know how much u will need to pay for it?

  • My insurance pays 100 percent as I’m over 60. 👍Ken

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