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Reactions from pneumonia vaccine


Has anyone over 65 had there first sign symptoms show upon there feet and legs after getting a pneumonia vaccine shot, I did five minute after the shot pausing nerve pain shot up my leg from my toes. It stopped and I never thought anything about it until four weeks later numbness and tingling, heat and other symptoms showed up and have remained from waistline to bottom of feet.

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North5, so sorry to hear of this. We have enough stuff going on without adding to the pot. I had my shot without any issues. Have you talked with your neurologist? Hope you get this worked out.

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Yes it was on my question list when I first meet with my. neuro. My impression is the neuro is not ithat interested in the cause as much as the testing to get to the dx.

Then after that; getting MS treatment going.

I have to agree with them because you can't go back and undo what brought on our MS....



I had vaccine on Jan 9. I developed a rash around the injection site that disappeared within a couple of days. No other affects.


North5, it's Fancy1959. I am sorry to hear of your sudden onset of your MS symptoms immediately after receiving you pneumonia vaccine. I got the regular pneumonia shot when I was around 53 and the newer pneumonia shot when I was 56. I did not suffer any reaction to either vaccine. I wish there was something I could say or do to help. keep us informed and keep your chin up.


I've had both PV13 and PV23 w/o incident

What do your docs think?

Hope you feel better soon 💐


We seem to be thrown into a state of not being sure how we will react as far as medicines and immunuzations go. I guess we just keep trying to sort out what works or doesn't for the majority of us and then do a lot of praying! That is true with those who don't have MS, but maybe moreso for those of us with it.

I hope you feel better quickly, and can sort out what happened. Thanks for sharing your experience.

I had the PV23 a little over a year ago and the PV13 this past fall. I am 66, almost 67 Other than a little soreness at the injection site I had no reaction but I am not on any DMTs and I wonder if that would make a differeence???


No, I have had numerous pneumonia shots without any new or worsening MS symptoms, I am 68 yrs. I spent the first 20+ yrs not getting the shot for fear of repercussions and I had those symptoms you have mentioned without help of the shot...sorry.

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