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Autoimmune Diseases along with MS

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Hi friends, I am writing about this because I am sure that many of you struggle with other autoimmune disease (AD)along with MS.

It really is not fair that more than one disease process gets to cause problems in our bodies. 🙁

I have noticed that my other AD has been under control since March when I had my first infusion of Ocrevus (I know, the meds aren't for that problem, but they somehow helped with more than "just" fighting the MS) but now that I am 5 months out from that infusion, I am not feeling well again. This must be what others have talked about in being able to physically tell that they need their O infusion? Anyway, I am really thankful that the next O infusion is coming up soon on September 15th!

Do you find that your MS medicine helps keep other autoimmune disease processes under control?

15 Replies
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I have the adult form of JRA ( juvenile rheumatoid arthritis ) called Stills disease because I was diagnosed as an adult. My rheumatologist told me that O is also helping control the Stills as well.

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Boxofchocolates in reply to rjoneslaw

That's awesome and it's exactly what I'm talking about, rjoneslaw!

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I have other issues, too, but am not on Ocrevus. I'll be following along to see that others have to say.

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Boxofchocolates in reply to greaterexp

greaterexp it is really great to be able to share our experiences and find out what others say! The doctors don't always know how to connect all the dots!

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When I was on interferon I never ever got a cold for years even though I was doing a lot of international flying in the days of courting Sho who must be Obeyed. There are some advantages though a cold is noty auto immune.

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Boxofchocolates in reply to RoyceNewton

RoyceNewton I found that the interferons I took over the years (Rebif & Avonex) both helped keep some other things under control a little bit, but I definitely still had colds, etc.

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I do not have more than one disease, but I can guess the Ocrevus would at least help with RA, since it’s basically a drug for RA.

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Boxofchocolates in reply to kdali

kdali, I didn't know that, but it makes so much sense! Thanks for telling me.

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kdali in reply to Boxofchocolates

You’re welcome! My little knowledge of it is; Ocrevus is the same as Rituxan except it uses human DNA (instead of monkey DNA?) to prevent MS patients from developing antibodies to the drug (and the drug would “stop working”).

It’s been a loooong time, a baby, and some memory loss since I read anything about Ocrveus, so please don’t take my word on it (or anything 🤦‍♀️😵🥴).

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I do not have more than one AD but it has helped with my low thyroid. I don't have to take as much thyroid medication as I usded to before starting on O. I had my 3rd dose (2nd full dose) in Arpril. I have a lot of neuropathy pain that disappeared but is starting to come back these last couple of weeks. I'm due for my next infusion at the end of October.

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Boxofchocolates in reply to hairbrain4

Yes, by the time we get close to our next infusion, it is obvious that we desperately need it.

Thank you for telling me about what you're going through hairbrain4. I helps me to understand what I am going through myself.

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oh I really feel i need the medicine a 5 months,and many others do to according to ocrevus,my doc. told me you can have a blood test at 5 months or anytime and see if ocrevus is still active in your system,if not insurance will pay and dr needs to ok.i haven't ,because dr is 140 mile round trip for me .and reg dr can't order that.i think i will in dec because i REALLY had a rough time in june

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Boxofchocolates in reply to pamgarner

I agree with you pamgarner! I think the 5 month mark would have helped me so much! I'm going to talk to my doctor about it and see whe he says.

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I didn't even think about that! My RA is under control but a couple years ago I was diagnosed with Collagenous Colitis, which is another one. Thank God that has simmered down because I thought I was going to die. I lost 20 pounds in 10 days. I couldn't walk from one end of our house to the other. Terrible! But I was already being treated for MS when that popped up. Fortunately if it shows up again I know what to do so (hopefully) I can stop it early on.

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Boxofchocolates in reply to mrsmike9

I think there is definitely a link; glad your doing better now. Seems to me that when my body is fighting MS, for some cruel reason it has to fight this other thing as well. How I wish there was a cure; we all do!

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