Shortness of breath as a symptom of MS?

i have developed shortness of breath with exertion for the past 6+ weeks. Feels like on occasion I just can't get a full deep breath. This is unusual for me as I am and have always been very active--exercise a lot, have no history of asthma, no risk factors for heart disease (other than a bit of family history). Hickam's dictum states a patient can have more than 1 disease and I have a tendency to chalk everything up to MS, so I'm being worked up for heart, lung problems to be certain it's not.

So, anyone that is still ambulatory also have MS related breathing problems?

I know this can be an issue, weakened diaphragm, as MS advances, but read that it is less common in MS people that are still walking, jogging etc.

TIA and so glad to have this forum to knock these ? Around.

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  • Hi Erash, haven't a clue, but interested in how you get on, keep us posted

  • I hope it's nothing serious erash keep me updated.

  • Thank you both. nuclear stress test today. Hopefully ok. Freaked me out at first but now ok with it. Said " who me? Heart disease? No way!" Guess I'll go to pulmonologist next...

  • Hi erash, it's cwacker, I've had those symptoms 2x in my life, once about 15 yrs ago(they say I probably had ms for 30 yrs now according to my past issues and old lesions) it lasted for 3 weeks, it was horrible and even missed work. Then again out of the blue 2 yrs ago, went to the er and after tests and x-rays sent me home, everything was "good". It lasted a little over a week. My neuro said it wasn't ms, disappointed and frustrated I did research and found what you did, rare in those who can still walk (that's me, altho having problems with my left leg now) it did pass but I clearly remember how uncomfortable and scary it is, I did just wait it out, somewhat sleeping sitting up on the couch. I hope your further tests are negative for any other illnesses, (ms is more than enough!!) and that you can find some relief soon

  • I have issues with my breathing too. Sometimes I can just be sitting there and I do this weird thing that is like a hiccup, but it is me trying to catch my breath. But I also have shortness of breath very easily as well.

  • yep. I've been hiccuppng more in the past several months but not associated with shortness of breath. However, both can be caused by diaphragm problems...suggesting weak muscles and MS. My Nuc Stress Test was normal yipee!

  • Glad to hear you are doing well. I was diagnosed 4 years ago and the weird breathing hiccup thing just started about a month ago. It happens everyonce in a while. It is not a hiccup, Just some reason I feel like I stopped breathing and I am trying to start real quick.

  • I'm with you...I say that because I've managed to put on a lot, a Lot, of weight since being diagnosed with MS so I'm all for this shortness of breath being an MS thing and not this extra tire I lug big thing is the exhaustion that finds me. And it sucks the life out of me.

  • If the diaphragm is weaker because of MS, I'm going to do pulmonary rehab, exercises to strengthen it. I will let you know how it goes 😊

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