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Not everything is ms

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ms can and does do lots of very strange things to our body. I might politely suggest that when "YOU" have a health issue that "YOU" keep your mouth shut at first and let the doctor find a cause. When they are completely lost or want to subject you to lots of tests, then "YOU" might suggest ms as being a possible;e cause.

It is very easy to blame ms for anything and everything. For a long time, I blamed it for burning feet only to find out that it was prediabetes. I forgot that a person had once told me not to blame everything on ms, there are other problems out there, and having a somewhat lethargic lifestyle at the time, that it could be other things.

So I know it is easy to just say it is ms, but look a little deeper and find out of it really is. It all boils down to, yes, "WE" have ms. It is a very sneaky and mischevious condition, but why give it more power over us than it already has. Why give it credit for every malady in our body. ms does not cause hangnails and to the best of my knowledge it does not do heart attacks either. Accepting the easy answer and blaming ms for everything hurts us.

Learn your body and learn your ms. If something is not quite right look for answers. Yes, sometimes it is ms, sometimes it is just eating a little better and doing some exercise.

Today in 2018, "YOU" as a Relapsing Remitting ms (RRms) person you have many many tools and resources to make your life the best mslife that it has ever been. Do not sell yourself short, do what "YOU" have to do to make your mslife great. People can help "YOU' but "YOU" need to make that decision and start doing.


this is a very doable disease

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All your Drs should already aware of your MS RoyceNewton or they should be.

You job as a patient is to give as much information as possible about the problem your having at the time.

Your right about everything is not MS but I disagree with not mentioning it. 🤗💕


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RoyceNewton in reply to Jesmcd2

I like to make my doctors think not just give pills and say it is ms

So agreed. Because I'm new to MS, I labeled everything abnormal that's happening as "MS" related. It might not be.

what's hard is that I might have had MS way before official diagnosis. So there's also a lot of things that I have adjusted to, that are actually not normal. Go figure. Time will tell. The new normal. The new trends. Downward or upward. I will learn.

Yes, ms is tricky like that, I for years thought my bladder issues were because I drank too much beer, turns out that ms was playing with the bottom half of my body. Believe me, lots of weird things happened before diagnose(DX) we all have had ms for a long time.

I could not have said it better!

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RoyceNewton in reply to drnikki

Thank you

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Every situation is different just like every person is RoyceNewton .

I strongly believe that ALL my drs should be on the same page and to work together on my health care.

I do NOT believe everything is MS related. I can tell the difference between anxiety attack and a relaspe.

But you can't underestimate your MS period.

And telling new people that isn't ok either. I'm sry.

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RoyceNewton in reply to Jesmcd2

sorry telling them what?

I was told this a long time ago Royce but it is good to be remined now and again also good for the newbies. thanks

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RoyceNewton in reply to kycmary

O hope they read and learn

Royce I like what you say thanks

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RoyceNewton in reply to MSLin

no problem I will try to keep it up so to write

I started going to a functional medicine doctor a year ago and she tests for things my regular primary care provider doesn't. For example, she tested my iodine level and it was so low it didn't register (less than 20 was the cutoff). I'd been more tired all summer and, of course, chalked it up to the MS. So when I got my iodine level back I googled it. Guess what the symptoms are? Fatigue, weakness, trouble learning new things, trouble remembering things, among other symptoms. Of course I'm tired and weak and have brain trouble -- I have MS! Right? Well maybe there is something going on in addition to the MS that can be fixed. I'll still be tired, just not AS tired. My thyroid labs were a little off and she ordered a thyroid scan and found I have a multinodular goiter (probably related to the low iodine - duh!). I'm glad she doesn't assume that every symptom I have isn't necessarily just the MS.

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