Non-Impaired MS Card

Okay, there was some discussion about MS bracelets and such. I found my card which states I have MS and am not impaired. It came from my local chapter of NMSS. Here is what it says (kind of long, but really good)

To All Law Enforcement Personnel

The Bearer of this card (your name)

Is a person with Multiple Sclerosis, a disease of the central nervous system, which may cause lack of muscular coordination, an erratic walk, and/or speech difficulties. At times, this person may appear to be under the influence of alcohol. We would greatly appreciate your consideration of bearer, and assistance if needed. Should an emergency arise, the Society will render all assistance possible. Thank you!

As you can see it is very thorough. I have used it twice, and it was VERY helpful. Hopefully all of you can get your local chapters to provide something like this. I am fortunate in that we have a very strong chapter. Hope this might have been helpful. Kelly

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  • I need to find my local chapter and see about getting something like that, especially since I will be driving again

  • Hope that means you are feeling much better Fee09 ! 😊

  • I've been doing pretty good. My last relapse has turned into my new normal, so I have adjusted. My spirits have been better and I'm looking forward to some changes

  • Thanks Kelly. I shall look to see if we have something similar in the uk. Hope things are good at your end, blessings Jimeka

  • I know you can get a Headway card for brain injury that briefly explains how it affects you but am unaware of an MS card. Please let us know what you can find, thanks Jimeka. Angela x

  • Thanks Kelly, I'm going to check if the DC Chapter have something like this.

  • U can call NMSS for the law enforcement card or a card for use of store bathrooms if no public bath is available



    I'm calling now 😊

  • Oh my! 15 min wait to speak with a navigator


  • . . . or try 800-344-4867. They always seem to answer that number.

  • We recently went to a "crab-feed" with lots of others around. I sure got the looks when I got up to head toward the restroom. In the restroom, I did go ahead and told a couple of ladies I wasn't even drinking, that I have MS. They were quite nice and offered assistance..

  • Very good to know! I'm going to get one myself!



  • I have a card very similar to that. I had my neurologist sign it on the front. I don't know, but it seemed like it might add a little more weight to it. Especially if I have to use it locally. Thanks for making everyone aware of it. I think it is an important thing to have on us when we are out and about. I know I have been mistaken for intoxicated a couple times.

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