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Unnumbered post You are better than this 31 Mar 2020

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Good Morning my Sisters and Brothers, as always I hope "YOU" are well and rested. I will tell "YOU" something that I often tell "YOU" and I am sure I will say again over the years.

RELAX, take it easy. DO NOT PANIC< FRET OR WORRY. "YOU" are better than this, "YOU" can manage it. In the end, they will fix this illness, but "YOU" and I will still have ms.

Prioritize your behaviour. Look after yourself, it will be okay. "YOU" can handle this.

Royce (your ms writer)

Honest, you can handle this

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yes everyone needs to stop stressing about the virus for the stress along will make you sick ...take care and find something to do and enjoy ...this will help with lessening the stress ...love is good fun ...laugh and smile tell a joke to someone that needs to relax ...take care everyone we are all strong and together we will fight this ....love and happiness...

YEA!! Royce I'm not stressing over this pandemic no need to lots of other people are doing it I some won't calm down until they have a cure for it & that's what I was told!!

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RoyceNewton in reply to kycmary

no these days they will find something else to cause a panic about nest news cycle :-)


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We will all get through this, Royce, with a little help from our friends :-D

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