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Unnumbered post I may disagree but 30 Sep 2020

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Family, I may disagree with your opinion. I try not to disagree with your facts, sometimes I am wrong, and I am sorry for that. My intentions are always for your best, I will try to never insult or belittle YOU in public. I am not here to be a ****. I am here to say, relax take it easy YOU can handle Relapsing-Remitting ms (RRms) My intentions are always to help YOU. I am sorry if sometimes YOU feel that I have failed.

Royce (your ms writer and brother)

I care about you and want to help YOU

10 Replies
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Beautiful Royce.

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Dear Royce, You do not fail me. You are a wonderful friend. I have failed myself by living in the past. I declare it is time to let-the-past-go.

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RoyceNewton in reply to Sandydemop

good move, the furure is where its at baby (thank you Austen Powers) I love that series

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I find your posts very informative and uplifting. I’ve seen a comment here or there that disagrees with another, but never in an unkind way. Text/typed out communication can be sooo misunderstood. I think you do a great job at communicating exactly how you intended to.

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RoyceNewton in reply to Tulip77

Thank you very much I appreciate it.

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you always do for me to help me ..

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seriously! I always feel like I do or say the opposite of what I intend to😕Not sure how my family deals with me.🤷

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agapepilgrim in reply to Msmel

Me too. I’ve become a stranger to myself. Brontë like this new hare brained, forgetful, tongue twisted, emotionally uncontrollable, fatigued to the point others think I’m lazy, messy housekeeper, burner of foods- shall I consume? My husband is becoming a saint!

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We are all human, Royce. You are my friend, and I don't think that you fail me as such! Perhaps THAT is a lapse of judgement on your part though... Keep Smiling, my friend :-D

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You also need advises, isn’t it?

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