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unnumbered post to YOU this week 11 Oct 2020

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Family, the best of wishes for "YOU" this week. Be gentle with yourself. Take your Disease-Modifying Therapy (DMT). Have a quiet and calm week this week. Remember it is always possible to live well with ms. "YOU" are doing it.

Royce (your ms writer and Brother)

smile, kiss your loved ones

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Thanks. Have a good week. Sending a sisterly virtual hug

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yes it is possible ...we are proof of that for i have had it since 2004 and of course that is when the doctors said that was the problem but it has been around much longer but that is when i was started on the meds ...so far there have been several but i am on the infusion of Ocrevus and i feel great and i know you have had it longer and there others also so it is possible ...love and happiness. it is what we make it ...

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Thank you, Royce. Much love to you! Kelly

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RoyceNewton . Once again you hit the nail on the head. Well done my brother.


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And a big vSmile and a gentle vHug to you, Royce :-D


Hope you are doing okay 👌

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a few bruises and scrapes, otherwise I am fine, and I hope you are doing well.

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Nasty fall last week, but recovering

Kinda miss your posts...was worried

Take care my friend

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