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follow up on my 4th ocrevus


thank you all for all your well wishes!It was very uneventful for the treatment.happy days! of course,with the steroids I feel fabulous right now,I need it, will come to the end,but for now...:)Now the hospital I get this at,they moved the infusion center in the hospital and it is beautiful,but were still disorganized ,I was 30 min.late being called back for appt. and that was no big deal,but what was I had to wail 2 1/2 hours for my ocrevus to be delivered from phamacy,because they won't make it until you are there,never took that long,so I live 70 miles away and I went in it was getting daybreak,and I came out it was getting dark,8:15 am to 4:30 pm.urrgghh! never like that, 3 or 4 hours max. and 70 miles home .they will get those that don't know my story,I had a side effect the first 3 times, and instant sore throat and they give me more meds and instantly better,so now that they expect it,so now they double my pre meds.steriods and since I am allergic to benedryl they give me Zyrtec and make me start taking it at home 1 week out and give me doulble, it works!!!I know I sound whiny but the treatment went great and I grateful for all meds for this disease! only 2x a year!

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That is great that everything went well.

Who cares u were a little whiny u deserve the right to be after everything that happened in the past

Whiny on Whiny on my sister

pamgarner in reply to rjoneslaw


Glad that it went well and hope that you don't have any post infusion set backs.

pamgarner in reply to Iona60

I feel great, hope it stays!


Hurrah for a great experience with the meds, but I'm sorry about the delays. I hope next time that it goes more smoothly.

pamgarner in reply to greaterexp

thanks I feel great!give them time they will get together,they have 6 months right?:)

fabulous ...that is great mine are at a clinic by the hospital so it is also great for if they is ever a problem for anyone ...this is great is great to only have to go to twice a year ...i love getting the Ocrevus ...a wonderful change from getting shots for years....i have had MS since o4 been on this , can you tell it is great...

thanks feel great the day after!


Glad that it went relatively smoothly for you... :-D

thank you,it was just one of life's tests,delays,delays,delays.but I am grateful for the meds!

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