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success on ocrevus

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thanks for all the response and good wishes for my treatment,I had it despite my roadblocks.I found financing through Ocrevus, they hooked me up with the healthwell, they were closed down on mon whenI found out I needed it because of weather,I filled out app.on line mon. was approved by *am tues. yeah! had treatment wedMy first full treatment,i had a small reaction, instant sore throat,they shut off med gave me more steroids and zantec,(I am allergic to benedryl).that did take an extra hour.I left house 5am long drive, and was back 4pm.But success! Ocrevus told me they will call me next time 6wks out and tell me if I need payment asst.and they will help me.thanks EVERYONE:)

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I am glad everything worked out well for you. I also had to have my first does stopped for a scratchy throat but after I told them it was from the Tylenol tablet scratched my throat on the way down. You see I have a problem swallowing a pill that big now they give me the liquid Tylenol medicine. YUCK And yes the day is very long.

Yahooooo!!! That’s so awesome that you were approved so quickly and able to get it done 🎉🎉🎉

Oh, that is such good news, both you and Iona60 were having problems but you are both now sorted, well done. Blessings Jimeka 🤗

I'm so happy for you! And I didn't know that Zantec was even an option so thanks for that tip!

your dr has to order it in advance ( zantec) but if you have problems with benedryl I would tell dr to order it,and I let them know when I first get there at infusion I am to have Zantec good luck

That's wonderful news! Thanks for letting us know.

So glad that all went well for you.

Yay! Great news

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