Waiting on Ocrevus!

I just spoke to my new neurologist office today and he feels I am an excellant candidate for Ocrevus. My neurologist is big and well respected in the research community. He has been heavily involed in two different clinical trials that have been going on for the past several years on Ocrevus.

I've been on Tysabri for over two years now and I am J.C. virus positive. My J.C. virus count is up to the 2.0 range, so, I am anxious for Ocrevus to be approved by the insurance companies. Next, it has to released to the big pharmacy companies before it is ready for the general public. The whole process could take months to complete.😕

As soon as I am put on Ocrevus, I will be sure to let everyone know my experiences with it. I would ask those who are so inclined, to keep praying Ocrevus is as promising as the initial results and research has led us to believe!🛐

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  • Fancy1959

    Sending blessings an prayers to you that you are rapidly approved for and do well on Ocrevus 🌈

  • I am praying too, Fancy1959. It sounds as though you like and trust your new neuro. That is a blessing too. Keep us informed. 💕

  • How exciting for you. Please keep us posted.

  • Fancy1959 I was on the phone with a representative from Roche on Friday. She called me Friday morning and verified the information on the forms. I am on Medicare. She called me back that afternoon with approval already. They seem to be handling everything much more quickly than I had expected. It looks like it will in fact be two weeks as my Neurologist had anticipated. Hope you hear something as quickly as I did.

  • Allen5280, it's Fancy1959. I am very happy for you! Unfortunately i don't qualify for Medicare until June 1st. None the less, your response is truly inspiring! Could you please let me know exactly the date you start your therapy? Armed with your information, I will contact my neurologist and see where I am at in the process! Good luck!

  • I absolutely will keep everyone posted when I get the date I will make sure everyone knows! May you have a blessed day Fancy1959

  • I will be praying Fancy1959 that it us more effective than anticipated! Best of luck and let us know how it goes.

  • Fancy1959, I'll add my prayers to the many others being prayed on your behalf. Thanks for letting us know about your situation.

  • Fancy1959 Please keep us updated on your approval and experience with Ocrevus once you start. That's great that the insurance company has approved it. Have heard good things about it in the studies so I hope it will be the same for you.


  • Fancy1959, I am excited for you! I pray all goes well. When I was on Tysabri my JC number got to 4.2! That was the end of Tysabri. Again, keep us posted, dear friend. Love, Kelly

  • Thanks for sharing! Hoping that you will off tysabri soon!

  • According to Genetech Ocrevus will be available starting April 7. The big hold up could be insurance companies. My doctor registered me with Genetech and they sent me forms to fill out on line. The first time I did it the process did not work. I used an IPad and that did not work with their system. I then did it on my Microsoft based system and it worked well. I see my doctor Wednesday and I believe she will prescribe it then. She has already decided on the infusion site. I pray for insurance approval and minimal side effects.

  • RobertCalifornia, it's Fancy1959. I'll pray right along side of you! Good Luck! I spoke with my neorologist Friday and at that point, he hadn't yet received the forms to give his patients to sign up for Ocrevus. Please continue to keep the chat room up to date on your approval process and up to date on your treatment and what results you see. Bad as well as good. Thanks. Fancy1959.

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