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Never give up tryong​ to achiev​​e something,

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Never give up trying to achieve something, anything just something. Once "YOU have climbed the uphill mountain that is Relapsing Remittingms (RRms) "YOU" will gaze out upon a very long future. We all have more hills to climb a few pastures to stroll through and yet still more hills to climb. Unfortunately, there are cliffs to fall down and marshes to traverse. This is the nature of RRms. It is not now, nor has ever been the pleasant Sunday stroll that "YOU" had planned your life to be. That is not to say that "YOU" are without hope or that your future is endless mountains to climb, terrible jagged cliffs to fall down a future of constant cruel torment and tortures.

"NO" your life with RRms does not have to be that. I understand that "YOU" may feel helpless and overwhelmed right now. I was the same way when I was first diagnosed (Dx'd) This is a lot to rake in, and not everybody understands, or even wants to understand. A lot of the time others are scared and will reject "YOU" out of fear, Understand and accept this. Be a little careful who "YOU" tell about your condition. We live at a time where people share those intimate details with everybody, a little secret or two is not a bad thing. Think hard who "YOU" share your life story with. Believe me though "YOU" will make mistakes. There are people that "YOU" share with that the future will show, really should not have known your business. Relax making mistakes is human, secret here, that "YOU" can never tell that I told "YOU'...."YOU like me are human", we make mistakes.

It is not a quick process, learning that "YOU" have an incurable chronic illness it will take some time to completely come to terms with. The reality may be that "YOU" never come to terms with it. "YOU" may just learn to accept it and carry on as best "YOU" can. This is not good or bad it "IT JUST IS". Learn that statement, make a poster of it and put it on your bedroom wall "IT JUST IS" Add to it whatever "YOU" like, I went outside sunbaking, I tried to garden all day, I worked out too hard because I was showing off to a cute girl\boy. I drank too much. "YOU" get the picture, accept responsibility for your actions and accept that "IT JUST IS" We like to think that every problem has a reason and a solution. Perhaps this is true, perhaps the cause and solution are beyond my understanding. "IT JUST IS"

Having said that to "YOU" I am going to befuddle "YOU. Take your time get yourself together. Pick your Disease Modifying Therapy (DMT), "YOU" may have to change it, so relax, I am on my third one. Just NEVER EVER stop taking one.

Now my friend, the really fun part. DREAM, yes DREAM. "YOU" are young, I think I was 29ish when I was finally DX'd. I do not expect to pass until I am in my late 60's, that is a lot of life with RRms. Have a dream, a hope a goal. Something that "YOU" can strive towards, your purpose. It is okay if "YOU" change it or if it takes "YOU" a while to find it, just always be looking for it. Give your life a purpose as best "YOU" can. Remember it is your purpose, not mine. Does it make "YOU" happy, contented, feel good? Yes, then it is a good purpose.

I would politely suggest here, that having a goal for a cure from our ills is a little much to hope for. It requires to much input from others that "YOU" can not control. I believe that making the best that I can do to make my life as good as possible is a worthy goal that requires one person "ME" and if I move the finish line that is up o "ME" for it is my goal, all mine. Mine I tell "YOU" it is my goal.

A lot of what "YOU" are going through, we have all gone through. I know that does not make it easier, I am just telling "YOU" that because this is a "DOBLE" condition. Make your mind up and "YOU" will start to find that "YOU CAN, YOU WILL, YOU DO RRms" Good luck and be gentle with yourself and others. Push if "YOU" want to, but be aware there are consequences if "YOU" push too hard. Now get out there and DREAM.


Next dream, still working on it, but it will be a good one.

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Great read as always Royce 👍. You’re post always makes me think about life and what I expect and what I have 🙏😊 Ken 🐾🐾

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RoyceNewton in reply to Kenu

Thank you

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Great post, I am searching for more, and I dream of that book by RoyceNewton :-D

one day eventually I thin

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carolek572CommunityAmbassador in reply to RoyceNewton

Hopefully, you left the 'k' off of the last word because I don't want you to waste away :-D

Actually, I am in the process of losing lots of weight unintentionally, just am, yes I did miss the K

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carolek572CommunityAmbassador in reply to RoyceNewton

o'k' :-D

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