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Today 14 Dec 2018

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On the 14th day of December in the year 2018 of the Christian era, I have Relapsing-Remitting ms (RRms) I do not know why this condition afflicts me. I do not know how to rid myself of it. I do know that on this date I must live with this condition. I do not know how it may affect me, moment to moment. There are many things that I do not know and many things that nobody can answer me. I must not ask why, I must grieve as I will all my days, but I must learn to accept.

This is my lot in this life. I must make the choice to wipe away my tears. Learn to stand tall, pull my shoulders back and face this.

Multiple Sclerosis(ms) a livable condition. I will die when my heart stops, but not from ms. I can, I will, I am going to do this disease. It is not my end, it is merely a hill along the road of my life. Sometimes it feels like an Everest and I am scared, but I can do this? Always I believe, believe in me. "YES". "YES I CAN" others have, I am no different to them. "YOU" are no different than me. They could, I can. "SO CAN YOU". Just make that choice, find the spark inside "YOU", feed that flame build it into a huge burning fire. Know that RRms wants "YOU" to fall and quiver in fear. Accept this and keep your fire burning. Make your choice. The "CHOICE" to do your RRms your way. If something knocks "you" down, adapt. Change yourself, learn a new way to achieve your plans. Just hold those plans tight and keep working towards that ultimate goal.

A goal of living well with RRms is achievable. A cure, today is possibly not, but living well most certainly is. Others have, others do. There is no reason why "YOU" do not make a choice to join us? This is a very doable disease, it is not the end of anything. It is merely a pothole along the road of your life.

Calm yourself, and find your way through. If your first idea does not work just slow down and think of another way. RRms is a biggish affliction and an answer that suits "YOU" is not always clear and obvious. Be kind and gentle with yourself and those around "YOU."

As challenging as it may be for "YOU" it is more confusing for them. They do not have the strength that "YOU" do, they do not know your fears. I understand your fears. I have some of them, but I know your strength, your resilience, your determination to live your RRms the best way that "YOU" possibly can. A setback does now make "YOU" a failure, Fear does not make "YOU" weak. tears do not make "YOU" a coward or weak. They all just mean "YOU" are human, and my friend humans are imperfect creatures,


The fireis within "YOU" feed it, and live well with your RRms

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Great post to read 👍. Good Job Royce 🙏. Ken 🐾🎄⛄️

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RoyceNewton in reply to Kenu

Thank you very much.

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This is my favorite feel good song ~ Carole :-D

Jackjosh pointed it out to me in one of her posts earlier this year.

excellent sentiment, I like it

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carolek572CommunityAmbassador in reply to RoyceNewton

I love it as well :-D

Reading this was like a breath of fresh air!

my plrasutr

my pleasure

A very good read. Loved it. Definitely makes me think about how I've been living with this crap.

Thanks. 😊❤🌷

Thanks for this post! Very encouraging! Blessings!

glad it helped a little

Its so nice to have you back Royce and that post was fantastic - thanks!

glad you liked it

Thank you ☺️ Very inspirational and we'll appreciated. It's like you're preaching to the choir. It's right on time as always. I constantly need a friendly reminder that I can and will do this ☺️🙏☺️

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RoyceNewton in reply to Guava69

never a problem glad I could help a little


Well put and stated what we all needed to hear.

I was diagnosed 7 yrs ago and still have a hard time accepting that things I feel I should be able to do. I no longer can.

All of us MS'ers can do is. If you get thrown by the horse get up and dust ourselves off and look for another way to accomplish what we set out to accomplish.

Take care and keep that fire burning.

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