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I feel so alone


No, not me I have 4000 friends online that I can say anything to. Talk about my darkest fears and tell my most embarrassing moments too. "SO DO YOU". If I may suggest, we are a family. Brought together on a very long journey through a life with ms in all its various forms. I do not know you personally, intimately, or physically but I can relate to what "YOU" are going through. Not better than anybody else, just differently and it is that difference that makes us a family of sorts.

ADuring your ms life journey always, remember "YOU" are never alone. There is always somebody ahead of "YOU" on the path, who has had ms longer, and regrettably, there are those behind us starting to experience this our ms journey. So talk, ask questions give answers. "YOU" are never alone.

I tell "YOU" what, give yourself a hug, say it is from me, do "YOU" feel a little less alone now. I thought so feel free to do it tomorrow and keep your chin up and have a better day.

This can be, and is a very frustrating illness. It seems to do things to our body with no rhyme or reason. The Central Nervous System (CNS) is a large area for ms to attack, so many things can happen to us. That is why "YOU" need to learn all that "YOU" can about ms in general and your ms in particular. Knowledge, my friend, is power, do "YOU" not want a little extra power? Keep yourself physically strong as best "YOU" can and make yourself mentally even stronger. This is a confusing and frustrating condition, but "NEVER" hopeless. The hope is within "YOU", that flame that I talk about gives"YOU" strength for the next five minutes. That is all "YOU" need five minutes, just keep repeating it. Soon enough "YOU" will have had a very long multi 8decade ms life, five minutes at a time. I know that "YOU" can do that, we all are here with "YOU."


five minutes lets do it together

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You have a friend in me, and thank you for being a friend :-D

My absolute pleasure always


Royce! What have I told you about headers like that! They give me heart attacks! 😒🙃 No one is very alone here! Glad your a friend! 🤗💕


RoyceNewton in reply to Jesmcd2

sorry, I will do better

I feel alone ALOT. I love my husband but I feel Alone even when he's beside me. ❤🌷

hold him look in his eyes a tell your fears, we should not always have to be atrong, sorry if you feel I am overstepping my bounds

Your not overstepping. Thanks for the advice. I look at him with all my seriousness alot and even though I know with all my heart he loves me and cares , there's always a doubt inside of me. ❤🌷

My friend that is the ms talking, remember it does not really like us and wants us to be sad lonely and weak, resist it as best you can aleays

TonyiaR7 in reply to RoyceNewton

It isn’t necessarily the MS talking. Many people feel that way in their marriage or relationship with a significant other, independent of whether he or she is sick (chronically, frequently or terminally ill). It could be just the situation they are both are living together with at the time or moment.

One person feels slightly less connected in the relationship (maybe because they are ill or due to the expectations of the relationship or situation or something else. The couple is or appears to be expressing their feelings or thoughts differently. Relationships keep changing, evolving .... as we get older. And the changes may become apparent or visible to each partner differently. One partner may feel more vulnerable which makes he or she feel uncomfortable, alone, overwhelmed, angry or host of emotions. While the other person may feel confident, comfortable or appears to adapt to change much easier.

lbenmaor in reply to RoseySawyer

I understand how you feel Rosey.

Good message as usual RoyceNewton! Knowledge is power is one of my favorite mantras. The trick is understanding that true knowledge/facts are powerful but made up/unproven blather can send a person down the rabbit hole.

lbenmaor in reply to Raingrrl

I agree with you Raingrrl


I am your friend and I am grateful to have you as my friend.


I’m missing one of Hannah’s most important (and emotional) days as a high school senior - her last regular season girls high school meet. I have been planning on going all week - then saw a txt message on dans iPad that his “ truck was full”. Would have told them I planned on going had anyone been here more than 5 mins. No one asked either.

jimeka in reply to kris1973


RoyceNewton in reply to kris1973

this is probably a moment when you need to assert yourself strongly but politely

You sound like such a lovely, kind and wise man. I’m havin a ‘moment’, so reading that helped me, thanks

I have noticed that people with MS are extra ordinarily brave, intuitivel, empathetic and kind; with a great capacity for love.

It’s not all bad eh?!

Thanks brother Royce and all who gravitate here ✨👍💋💐❤️🧜‍♀️❤️✨

thank you very much I am glad it helped some

Good advise as always Royce 👍

Thank you....I feel alone much of the time, even when I am surrounded by my husband and family. It's so nice to know that there are people out there for me.

ye, my friend,d WE are here for you, always

For me, all of you are fellows. Like fellowship. It's a bond it's a community. It's friends and family. And it is in away that it's different and in some ways better. And both of them. Fellowship is for people with a goal, with challenges and strengths, and they are in it together whatever it is they want to accomplish. So thank you all for being fellows in this interesting life

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