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Finally Happened Yay ! :)


Just had my first dose of Ocrevus all went well not sleeping but steroids affect me that way and that’s ok. Will get second dose 11/29 I’m soooooo happy to get this medication started. To all that are waiting to start Ocrevus hang in there it will happen I impatiently waited and then BAM first dose done.

To all MS warriors I wish everyone the very best, always 😊

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Hooray! 🎉

That's great news, and we sure love hearing that! Keep posting about your results if you would, since so many here are asking about it and thinking about switching.


KC0808 in reply to greaterexp

Thank you and yes I will update as I continue this journey knowledge is power ❤️

What type of ms do you have? I hope and pray that it goes well. Once the steroids wear off you may be alittle tired, so rest up, blessings Jimeka 🦋

KC0808 in reply to jimeka

I have Secondary Progressive MS, Ocrevus is my Hail Mary pass and I’m going to run with it hoping that I score a touchdown! (Yep I love football 🏉) I know when the steroids wear off I will crash for a bit I’m hoping my usual daily fatigue improves as I continue the journey with Ocrevus.

Jimeka I’m sending you a very big purple hug filled with warmth and love 💕

jimeka in reply to KC0808

Aww thank you and back to you 🤗

such wonderful news. I hope you will find as much benefit from O as I found from Rituxan. I wish you the best.

Thank you so very much! I hope you are having a good day and I truly wish you many many good days ahead :)


KC0808, congratulations for joining the large group of people in our chat room that are on the DMT ocrevus. I'm glad it went smoothly for you other than steroids and not sleeping well. Give this DMT time to work its magic. After my first two doses I had the first clean MRI I have had in 5 years so show no new lesions and no active lesions. I have also noticed a lessening in my spasticity and increase in the length and stride in strength of my walking as long as I don't overdo it and want to Long. My old doctor was instrumental in getting ocrevus approved with clinical trials told me to give it time and just stay on it. He said the best results were starting to show down the road about 1 and 1/2 to 2 and 1/2 years after starting the DMT. So hang in there and be patient with it and keep us informed. I will do a new Ocrevus Pole first of the year after I get my next dose. That point we will compare notes in chat about our experiences taking it and results we are seeing to date. Glad you're on board and glad you have become part of our extended family. Remember together we are stronger! Fancy.

KC0808 in reply to Hidden

Thank you Fancy I am extremely happy to hear your results of your MRI were positive. I am/will stay positive this is the one thing that is still in my control. Negativity will always try to find a way in but I’m fighting negativity with whatever resources work.

I wish you the very best 💕

erash in reply to KC0808

Very very true words!

I'm happy it went well for you!


Thank you Leslie

Take good care of you 😊

So happy for you!

Thanks 💐 I hope your having a good day and even a better tomorrow.

Wishing you wonderful results from O. Please let us know how u r doing. 🌈

KC0808 in reply to erash

Thank you erash🌹

I hope your doing well, take good care of you 😊

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