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1st half dose of Ocrevus yesterday.


Hello everyone,

I had my first half dose of Ocrevus yesterday. They pre medicated me with two Benadryl, three Tylenol and IV Steroids for 15 minutes before the infusion. I was pretty out of it for the remainder of the day. I had some mild pressure in my chest during the infusion and a mild headache last night and this morning.

My appetite is pretty insane and I only slept in Spurts last night but I’m pretty sure that is due to the steroids.

MS wise i feel good and that’s the important thing. Overall a much better experience than I was expecting.

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Glad to hear that things went well 👍. Hope it continues 🙏. 🐾😁 Ken

Pleased it went well. You are the second person to mention pressure in the chest. Glad you are ok, Blessings Jimeka 🦋

erash in reply to jimeka

I had the chest pressure too. It resolved with the addition of more Benadryl.

jimeka in reply to erash

What is the cause of it erase? 🦋

erash in reply to jimeka

Given that it responded so rapidly to Benadryl and mine was accompanied by itching, I would say it’s an allergic response, mild anaphylaxis?

jimeka in reply to erash

Thank you 🦋


Hurrah for you! Thanks for letting us know. Please keep us updated as to how you’re doing. We all hope for a great report!

Awesome news for you. Thank you for sharing.

And hope u continue to feel great!🌈


I'm glad you're doing well.


Glad it went well for you Stronglady I hope that the rest of the infusions go that way for you as well :) Please keep us updated.


Congrats and fingers crossed for a smooth Journey! I'm due for my 2nd full dose in November and looking forward to it. I'm not sure what has helped me more the Ocrevus or the IV steroids that I can sneak in every 5 weeks or so.

Glad to hear things went well yesterday. I had my first dose yesterday also. Had a headache too. Now to our next one in 2 weeks. Glad your doing well.


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