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Part 2 of 1st dose of Ocrevus


My second does of Ocrevus went off without a hitch! I didn't have any side effects other than no sleep again. Getting a little tired now, hope I sleep tonight. The steroids really help me feel good for a couple of days. All the pains seem to go away for a while which is really nice. So my next appointment is in March 2019. Somehow I feel like I've been set free. I'm not tied down to injections or pills every day for the first time in 13 years. I pray Ocrevus works!

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Yeah! Happy to hear good news.

Glad you’re doing well with Ocrevus and keep us up to date on your progress

Yay!! Glad to hear nothing to report! I feel free also 🤗

More good news. Enjoy your new freedom. Blessings Jimeka 👍

Glad to hear that things went well? And no side effects is great 👍. Hope this works for you and ya no injections daily is Great 🙏🙏😉🐾. Ken

We are on the very same schedule. I had my 2nd 1/2 dose today also. No side effects and no sleep yet. I am so happy I finally did this. I am free too. Good luck to you, sending good vibes.


erash in reply to jkdavid99

I have my 2nd 1/2 dose tomorrow 😊

jkdavid99 in reply to erash

Good luck and best wishes for a successful day

So glad #2 went well. And I’m with you, I pray O works 🙏🙏🙏

Truths always come out everything is so easy to work out in whats really going on in MS #Multiplesclerosis


I'm just tickled pink for you!

hairbrain 4,

I'm glad it went well. What great news!

Best Regards,


So happy to hear things went well hairbrain4 😊

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