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Thinking about it as I do. it is not now nor has it ever been mine or your responsibility to make somebody comfortable with ms.

I am not responsible, but is it humane, kind of me if I see a person ill at ease to offer them assistance in coping with me? I think "YES". Why not ease somebodies apprehension? I can just as easily shrug my illness off, as complain endlessly. What does it hurt me to just say "ahh ms no biggie"? Yes "YOU" and I know that at times it can be a biggie, but is it not better for my wellbeing, my strength, my psychological health to just put on a brave face for a moment or two.

It is easy to offer a small child a ride on my scooter, with permission of course. To let a teenager help me lift my scooter into my car, wether I need the help or not. I have a choice always to own my behaviour, my disease. To show the face that I want people to see. Strong and determined when I want, or vulnerable if that might suit me.

I like "YOU" decide what and how people see me, always. I may be chronically disabled. in a wheelchair, but I am going to let you see that in a way that I want to be seen.

No, I am actually not in a wheelchair nor have ever been in one. I do own 2 three wheel scooters, and best you are not in my way in the mall. I am generally on a mission.


Choose to be strong and proud, at least let them see that.

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Thank You Royce....the other day I got flustered when asked if I could watch a child.I hate not counting on me with illness and turning down things I love.You lifted a burden that I dont always have to explain, it is kind at times but...not helpful.Am I trying to help them understand what I really dont myself, but you give food for thought...can always count on your honesty and that of the group.

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food for thought is the goal always.

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