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I worked it out it was so obvious

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G'Day, my Relapsing Remitting m (RRms) sisters and Brothers . Yes, I slept last night, got up to urinate and forgot to go back to sleep. Got out of bed at 0630, (630am for YOU non-military types) No gym today I guess, have to stretch at home.

Anyway to the point. I should use a scooter, rollator, or mobility aid. The reason I do not is FEAR. I do not want to admit my RRms is getting worse, progressing. After 20+ years what can I expect, no progression? Realizing and accepting my health situation is sometimes a challenge. I feel that RRms is meant to challenge and teach me new things. That I must suffer some indignities (I wear adult protective underwear out of the house) We will not mention my lack of sexual function. Stumbling like a drunk through the grocery store. No, these. are things that happen in an ms life. These are things that I will accept and FIND away around. I am better, stronger, and smarter than my illness and so are YOU. I will not cower, or give into all this illness may take from me. I will not fear it, and neither should YOU. YOU, ade strong. There may be times when YOU have fear. This is okay, YOU are still YOU and YOU are STRONG. Be your RRms' worse enemy. Do what YOU have to do to do your best to bend it to your will. Even if it is only a little. Stand tall be strong, and wipe away your tears. Be all that YOU can be, and make yourself proud.

I will think about mobility aids, I am not less because I use them.

Have a great day and keep up your Disease Modifying Therapy (DMT).


17 Replies
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If you do not use mobility aids but need them to get around safely, RoyceNewton , then how do you propose to get around safely? It is similar to wanting to climb Mt McKinley, and not do some kind of physical therapy, then how will you accomplish that? Just saying. :-D

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RoyceNewton in reply to carolek572

You have a good point my friend.

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Boy can I relate to your post!

My 56th birthday was yesterday, and for my birthday I ordered myself two packages of Always Discreet Incontinence briefs, one in black and one in peach.

And, my balance is a lot worse too. I'm thinking of using my cane more often, and I still "look so good," but I am really not. I must acknowledge that I am now SPMS dx 1994 and currently the year is 2023?!

Three years after dx in 1994, I started treatment: Avonex 1997-March 2022 but switched to Aubagio in April 2022 to present day.

Officially, I started menopause in 2022 too. So, we are all progressing Royce. A day above ground is a positive day. April showers brings May flowers, etc. Keep your positive spirit!

Remember: Wellness Is A State Of Mind! Please don't let this MonSter take your spirit, too! We all help each other with our struggles. 😇🙏😂🤞

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RoyceNewton in reply to DM0329

Very well said, my Mother always a day above the ground is a good day. I have to just believe her and not shake my head at her weirdness.

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Honestly, Royce, once you get used to the idea you'll discover that most people are nicer when you're using a cane or walker. Our invisible illness is no longer invisible, so people smile, help, and are just kind in general. However, you really don't want to take a motorized wheelchair through Walmart on a Friday night unless you install a roll cage and bumper pads all over it. Ask me how I know. 😜

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RoyceNewton in reply to NorasMom

Good point, especially when I am driving, like a maniac.

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hairbrain4 in reply to NorasMom

So that was you doing the Friday night races at the Walmart!😂

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Don't let others define who you are. Don't let MS define who you are. Whether you are walking upright or sitting in a motorized wheelchair you are who you are & that is Royce. You don't change, your body will with age but you are still the same inside. And sometimes it's pride that keeps us from doing what we need to do to stay safe. That old saying "Pride goeth before a fall." Is very true cuz when you fall you do lose all your pride.🤗

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RoyceNewton in reply to hairbrain4

Pride, yes pride.

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I can’t agree with you more! Fight it! I won’t quit my ranch. Thirteen feed stations every morning took only 30 minutes a year ago. Now it takes over an hour. The evening feeding, with NerFF (nerve fiber fatigue) takes just as long but the struggle to stay on my feet is intense. I’m healing up from a fall three weeks ago, resulting in a broken rib. BUT I WONT QUIT. I rely on trek poles for support. I hate them. They are constantly in the way. I have one that’s bent like a sickle from taking my weight and preventing falls. The Saebo device chaffs my leg but I have to keep my foot up. My tractors serve as impromptu powered all terrain wheelchairs. Of course, the vibrations from the tractor really amplify my disfunctional bladder. This requires me to use a depends pad to stay dry. All this… is it worth it? Of Course, no matter what it’s better than the alternative! Stay safe RoyceNewton!

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OK, dear one. One of the reasons you may need an assistive device is to prevent a FALL! This could make things much, much worse than you have them now. I just had a visit from my sister, 83 years old, walks with a cane, when she should be using a walker constantly! I am afraid her next hospitalization will be from something broken from a fall. She had 5 falls in the past year. Hard heads must learn the hard way, things they should have learned before they had a big accident. Please think about that!

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RoyceNewton in reply to 4fishylady

I will and point taken.

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I have been determined to continue life as safely and normally as possible. In February, we had a bad ice storm in Michigan, and it took down many large branches and one whole tree in our yard. With all the rain and snow we kept getting, I have not been able to work on cleaning it up, but this week has been resonably good for working outside. My Rollator does not work well in the yard, so to cut up the branches I have been crawling around the yard on my hands and knees with my chain saw. to cut the branches up. It may not look good, but I can still get the job done. MSERS CAN PERSEVERE!

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RoyceNewton in reply to whwiechm

right we can persevere, keep it up. Good luck and be careful.

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Congratulations enjoy your mobility aid no matter what you choose

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we shall see

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yes i agree we do just keep going and do the things we can and be happy in being able to do it ....love and happiness ...

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