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Not knowing what awaits "YOU" The fear of a lack of control. The fear of everything, There really is no need to be, do not be scared about the future. Be smart get knowledge, learn all that will fit in your head about this illness. Learn the laws about listing side effects on medicines. Learn learn learn, knowledge really is power, and "YOU" are on the Internet so "YOU" have access to knowledge. Make use of it learn from it and give yourself some power.

This illness takes away a great deal of the control that we thought we had in our lives. I am sure that "YOU" would not say no to a little power and strength. Learn about ms. Knowing what may or may not happen, and what might happen is that power.

Not everything that can happen will happen to "YOU", but having a rough idea of possibilities will help "you" be less scared if anything ever does happen.

When I first started this journey there was one medicine and it was 30%ish effective in reducing relapses. Today there are many stronger medicines. Take them stay healthy and stay smart.

This is not a fatal condition, it is chronic and very long term. Prepare yourself today, become knowledgeable. Do not just be a pill popper for every problem. YES pills and Disease Modifying Therapy (DMT) is very important, but do not take medicine because it might work because somebody says.

This is a "VERY" doable condition. There are options available to "YOU" that I could only have dreamed of. Take the options, "DO" everything that "YOU" possibly can to stay healthy and wise.

This is your journey, "YOU" have to live it, not me or anybody else, "YOU" Take the steps "YOU" need to live it well. Mistakes will be made, just learn from them and try not to do them more than four times.

Unless "YOU" are like me, and are amused by falling flat on your face. Told you that I was a little different :-)

In all seriousness though, learn about this journey we are on. It is not all forest and chirping birds. It sometimes is a little ugly but get some knowledge and influence the ugly bit as best as "YOU" can.


Another day, another nightand I am still standing. Thaat is a "WIN"

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Accepting this new way of life leads to joy living it.

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that is certainly true

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