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It is not my intention to upset anybody, but I am aware that someone may get their knickers twisted by what I am about to say. Okay, we all remember that I am not a doctor or paid by anybody, worse luck. These are my thoughts and opinions nobody elses. I merely need to say that. If "YOU" feel that medical help is called for, be smart, get it.

In today's writing, we shall refer to Disease-Modifying Therapy(DMT) as important and various other medicines maybe not quite as necessary. Before "YOU" go to your doctor to ask for a new pill for some ache and pain, think, research first what else "YOU" can do to solve your problem. Somebody asked a few days ago about tablets to help with bladder issues. Was she aware that there is a procedure for Botox injections to help with this. I know of two ladies who swear by this as multiple medicines have not helped. I am told that it is very painless and fast. Not for me, of course, I am scared of needles.

Of course at times medicine is important but can be very dangerous. When I had Trigeminal Neuralgia attacking the left side of my face I was very hesitant in getting surgery on it, even though it was only laser surgery. Naturally, I overdosed several times on opioids before I gave in and got the surgery. Whan it turned up on the right side there was no hesitating. Surgery was an option over pills, and ER visits at three am.

Sometimes surgery is a better option, in the same token exercise might help with walking. Walking canes may help with stability. Go see a physiotherapist as to what other options you may have beyond medication.

I do not feel that every problem I may have will be fixed by taking more tablets, sometimes a little creative thinking will solve the problem, what do "YOU" think.

Royce (the ms writer)

are you thinking?

17 Replies
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I think you're absolutely right.

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RoyceNewton in reply to falalalala

glad somebody does, would you repeat that to my mother and she who must be obeyed? :-)

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falalalala in reply to RoyceNewton


My own mother thought that way too.

It drove me nuts.

My brother was a pharmacist and would not take drugs,prescribed or otherwise.

Says a lot IMO.

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RoyceNewton in reply to falalalala

yes, for some things there are other than drugs. For actually ms sadly there is not

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falalalala in reply to RoyceNewton

I think many are too quick to pop a pill thinking it will cure whatever it is that ails them and with no side effects whatsoever.

I get that people want help but one has to do some research on one's own and not leave their fate up to another mere human who may or may not have even fully read their chart or looked into any drug interactions.

All that being said, I wish I could go a few rounds in a boxing ring with a few of the doctors I have met.


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RoyceNewton in reply to falalalala

how violent of you, bet they deserve it though :-)

falalalala profile image
falalalala in reply to RoyceNewton

It is and they do!🤣

They would have a fighting chance though and I won't use my cane.

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After 19 years I myself have exhausted many approaches for various symptoms so pills have been my final resorts in a lot of these cases. D.M.T'S are supposed to work and they haven't yet.

RoyceNewton profile image
RoyceNewton in reply to Fattius

they are not 100% effective for 100% of Peoples I guess you do what is best for you and that is all you can do

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Great post, Royce. We all should seek out the best approach to our ailments. Sometimes it is easier said than done. :-D

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RoyceNewton in reply to carolek572

causally easier said than done :-)

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I absolutely agree we should do all the things we have been told for years that improve our general health like eating right and exercising. Of course the majority of us have a modified exercise ability but provided we are not quadriplegic there is some sort of exercise that can be done, no matter how minimal it can help. By keeping your basic health at it's best the body can help compensate for some of the effects of MS. Of course as we get more lesions and depending on their location our abilities change.

I hate taking medicine so only do what is absolutely necessary. Luckily at this time I only require my DMT and recently added Gabapentin to ward off vertigo. The Gabapentin was prescribed for 3 times a day but I only take it at bedtime. In addition to decreasing my vertigo it has improved the quality of my sleep but I still wake up a couple times a night

As you and others mention everyone is unique so different approaches are needed.

Here in America it is far too common for people to neglect a healthy lifestyle because you can "fix it" with a pill. Of course there is the other extreme who won't take any medications out if distrust of doctors and pharmaceutical companies. It is difficult to change either perspective.

Keep on keeping on Royce. There is absolutely nothing you can say that won't offend at least one person 😁

RoyceNewton profile image
RoyceNewton in reply to ahrogers

Very well put

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I absolutely agree with you. There are times that only a pill will help but that pill can also damage or kill you as I had experienced in the past couple of days with thyroid meds. Exercise seems to be a four letter word to some people but even just stretching daily will help with a lot of aches & pains & can reduce the amount of those pills you need to take. I recommend that anyone always try an alternative to taking a pill first. Leave the pills for that time in life that you can no longer resort to alternative ways.

RoyceNewton profile image
RoyceNewton in reply to hairbrain4

exercise etcetera may not be the solution you expect but it does help a lot

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Amen. A pill may solve the problem for a little while. But when it doesn’t help you anymore then there’s always another pill that helps. I try to avoid this circus if possible.

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RoyceNewton in reply to Ammy0508

yes, find a solution first before being an endless pill paper

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