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Need a brace for foot drop and I need knowledge from those who know.

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Hello I'm being sent for a brace for my left leg foot drop. My question is for those who have a brace how's it going? Does the brace help you? Do you have any advice for me? I really need some info from those who know. Appreciate any knowledge. Thank you and I wish you the very best.



24 Replies
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Mine totally helps, if it’s the hard plastic one, New Balance gym shoes work best. They have to come from a New Balance store. I now have one that is attached to my shoe like it much better. Seeing my Physical Rehab doctor Monday going to ask about brace for my other foot. Walk way better with brace.

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Hey, you will be amazed. I know I was when I got mine. I have progressed a lot since I got mine and can't walk anymore. However, when I could walk and used a cane, I got a titanium brace for my right leg which had foot drop real bad. I didn't think it would help much but it sure did! I was thrilled. If I had known it would help that much, I would have requested one long before it was even suggested. I still use it if we are going somewhere in case I have to use a public restroom. It gives me additional stability if I need to transfer from my wheelchair and keeps my foot from folding over. I think you will be very happy. I got shoes that had a removable insole and the brace goes down under that with a new insole they built specific for the brace. Mine is extremely light weight. I hope you are as happy with yours as I was with mine. Good luck!!

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KC0808 in reply to Tinker-Belle

Thank you thank you for the positive response. I will definitely let ya know how it works out. Bless you and take care:)

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Tinker-Belle in reply to KC0808

Please do. I hope you will be very happy with it.

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The hard molded plastic is what their planning for me next Tuesday. When I go in to see the orthotic/prosthesis shop. I'm really hoping this makes a difference and also afraid I'll be let down.

Thanks for responding:)

I love this site and all the knowledge that comes with it.

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I have the hard plastic AFO which works well but I perspire in it too much on hot days. Kenu introduced us to the Turbomed, AFO fits on the outside of your shoe. It’s really comfortable and I can walk nearly normal in it. If you search through my posts, or kenu’s we Have both posted pictures of it. Let us know how you get on, blessings Jimeka 🦋 🍫

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Thank you for the info when I go Tuesday I will be prepared. I love knowledge it really is power and I really do need knowledge because lately power is eluding me and I want it back!

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Rule out B12 deficiency.

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KC0808 in reply to shelly2shoes

Vitamin B12 is on my list of things to buy. If I'm not spending money on medications it's now Vitamins too. I guess you do what ya gotta do. Thank you for responding and I'm wishing you the very best :)

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Hi KC0808 I have afo' for both feet and they were prescribed. I got them from Hanger, afo's They aren' bad!

You can go thru my posts, I didn't get the purple ones! I got the black ones!

Good luck!

And be your own advocate! YOU have to wear them! Not the ppl trying to sell them. 😊



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KC0808 in reply to Jesmcd2

Thanks you are a sweetie!

Wishing you the best and many good days :)

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They told me to take vitamin D but after reading the posts on this site B12 is now on my list. Vitamin B,C,D that's what I will take and damn I hope that is all! I really wish vitamins were less expensive. Social Security Disability really doesn't give much wiggle room for extras. Oh well I'm done whining for

Take good care of you and thank you for the info. Wishing you the very best :)

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I have a Blue Rocker 2 AFO for my left foot drop. It was suggested by my PT and prescribed by my neurologist. Fortunately I did not need a custom size. Insurance paid the entire cost. When I wear shorts (7 months here in California) I wear a sleeve. The sleeve is the mesh cloth they put under a cast before hey harden it. I buy the cloth from amazon. They don't last long but it is quite cheap. They do stretch so buy the right size.

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KC0808 in reply to RobertCalifornia

Hello Robert thank you for the info I will try to talk the orthotic maker out of a sleeve or two if they have them :) I'm in virgin territory not knowing anything about a brace or casts I never needed either one. Thank you for responding and I hope all is well in California (you lucky dog) I'll trade you some time in PA for some time in CA.

Take care Robert I wish you the very best.

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I have had a TurboMed AFO for a little over a year now and it’s been Great 👍. It is very lightweight and fits on the outside of your shoes. I can wear all of my existing shoes except cowboy boots as my foot does not bend to get my foot in 😡. Oh well 😔, everything else works 🙏. I had the cast type and it was a pain buying shoes bigger so they would fit and then the left shoe was sloppy,to big 😠. Good luck with getting the one that works for you 🙏🐾 Ken

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KC0808 in reply to Kenu

Thank you Kenu now I have more knowledge to take with me on Tuesday. I really hope I get a choice. I checked with Turbomed they want $995 to send one I can't afford that but I will still ask about it when I go in to see what insurance will pay for. You are a sweetie for responding. Hope you have a really great day :)

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Kenu in reply to KC0808

My insurance paid 100 percent on my turbomed AFO 👍 The costs were very close so I got to choose 😉. Good luck and let us know how you do 🤷🏼‍♂️. 🙏🐾😉 Ken

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KC0808 in reply to Kenu

Oh Baby that is good to know! Thanks for the heads up. I will definitely let y'all know how it goes. Sincere thanks for the knowledge I feel more confident now.

I'm a hugger so I'm sending you a hug in appreciation for all the input. Take care of you :)

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My left foot brace for foot drop is very helpful! My neurologist wrote me a referral for a brace so insurance covered it. It’s made by ottobock. It’s called a WalkOn. It’s made out of carbon fiber so it’s really light and kinda springs back when you step to help lift the front of your foot. It slides into your shoe (I had to go a half size larger wide shoe to get it to fit). There is a flat bar that runs around the ankle and up the back of the calf. It is all secured with a Velcro strap around your calf.

I hated it at first because I was so mad that I needed a brace. I have gotten over that and love that it helps me walk further and faster. It also helps prevent falling when my left foot catches on things or my ankle decides to give out.

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KC0808 in reply to alimitchell1

Oh Darlin you have inspired me with your information and the knowledge from others on this fantastic informative site I will be better prepared for my Tuesday appointment. I appreciate you for taking the time to respond.

Thank you and I wish you many good days. I will post again on how I make out with my new body part :)

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I had the molded type and the lightweight metal one too. Both worked well for me. The metal fit in my shoe better, and was probably cooler too. Good luck!

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KC0808 in reply to oklaguy

Interesting user name I came up with all kinds of ideas on how it came about :)

Thank you for responding tomorrow's the day I'm hoping my insurance will pay for the one that I want to have. I will post an update.

I'm wishing you the very best of days take care of you.


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Hi, I remember how confusing it all was. Had molded one at first. After a couple years I got one of the carbon ones. I liked it much better as I could wear my regular size shoe and regular more slim size pants. Both have been very helpful. I occasionally still try to go without and not only do I trip but find it so tiring for my hip. It becomes a friend. Much good luck with it!!!

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KC0808 in reply to eharoot

Thank you for responding your information is helpful to me and I appreciate both you and the knowledge you gave.

Wishing you many GOOD days :)

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