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When I repeat myself, which we all know I do.


msERs, I do repeat myself, yes it may come across as naggy. but I actually do have a point. Do "YOU" remember everything everybody says to "YOU" the first time. Nope did not think so. Lst me assure "YOU" with my best scouts honour impersonation. I don't remember everything always. If I say wear protective underwear it is because I know how emotionally upsetting it is soiling yourself in public. I have a friend who when faced with entering stores alone, just will not. She had an unfortunate incident 20+ years ago. Why put yourself through that?

Another friend decided that she did not like needles and was going to do nothing or the natural way. This is not meant to scare "YOU" but she does not walk or dance anymore.

This is a sneaky illness, what I suggest to "YOU" is no more than years of experience rolling out of my fingertips. There is no need to be afraid. ms can open doors that "YOU" never expected, I have several married ms friends who say it is a great dating site. That is how they met their spouses. So do "YOU" see it is not all bad. Not real great, but not all bad. Scary at times but "You" will have a very long time to practice and get it the way "YOU" can best cope.

It is always about "YOU YOU YOU". Just be easy on yourself and the coping will come, believe me, it will come.


just coping, like everybody else

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😵😵 Ty for the examples and the reminder. I can’t imagine choosing fear over shopping and dancing...or life. Nope!

That’s awesome about the MS matrimony! I’ve seen a few posts here regarding loneliness and fears of dating.

RoyceNewton in reply to kdali

find somebody with ms is my experience. May not sympathize much but they do understand.

Repetition is how we learn. "If at first you don't succeed then try, try again" and "practice, practice, practice." There is a reason whey teachers give you a quiz before the final test. So it's ok to repeat yourself every now & then, cuz some people don't get it the first time. Then there are those that weren't around the first or even the second time & a third time is needed.......Glad you are able to say it more than once!

Glad I could help, thanks.

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